The Crypt Crawlers are currently a small, friendly guild. We are currently looking for new players to help fill out our ranks. We are composed of friendly and light hearted members who have characters spanning from Korthos to Epic levels. We aren't a heavy raiding guild but we have no problem in joining and flagging for raids. We like to have fun during our questing experiences and enjoy being around each other and chatting through the chat channels. We generally have one or two players logged on at various times through the day.

We have a guild website on Guild Portal located here: Crypt Crawlers

We maintain a guild calendar to help coordinate quest runs and times on our Guild Portal Website linked above.

If you are on Thelanis and are interested in running with a tight-knit guild then let us know so we can group with you and see if we fit your play style. You can also shoot me over a PM as well. Happy questing!!