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    Default Antimagic Boost w/no charges

    The OS enhancement Antimagic Boost comes with no remaining uses when I take it. If I click it, I'll get a message saying I have no remaining uses. Resting at a shrine doesn't change it. I've only tried it with one point in it, maybe 2+ would be different.

    Anyone else seeing this? I don't see any posts about it, or anything in bug report. So either it's just me or nobody else cares about Antimagic boost. I submitted a bug report a while back, but it seems to have vanished into the ether. I wouldn't mind getting reimbursed for my resets.

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    I'm experiencing it also. Seems to have started shortly after Update 20.

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    Even to this day I am still getting that problem and not sure what is going on. I would really like to use that, especially when one gets to higher levels and magic is everywhere, but I don't understand why an ability like this would be made and we, the users, have no way of using it.

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