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    Last night my character got stuck between a chair and a table in the Harbor. Used the /advice and was told to use the /stuck command. I used it but it did not move me, I'm still in the same spot and still stuck. When I tried to use the /stuck command again, I was not allowed to use it since I had just used it a few minutes eariler. I finally loged off for the night. When I log back in, will I still be stuck in the same spot? How do I free myself?



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    If still stuck you can put in a support request and wait for someone to get around to you, which can take a bit. I did this back when players could fly through walls and I flew through the lordsmarch wall on one of the quest. (Interesting note, there's alot of empty space back there).

    If you don't want to wait on that, do what I did and just /death.

    Dunno what kinda advice that is in regards to one finding themselves "between a rock and a hard place", but there ya go.

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    A couple ways to go about it.

    First is /stuck which didn't work for you.
    Second is calling for a GM to help out. This will take some time, so be prepared to wait. To call a DM, make a ticket (main menu, help, new ticket, then describe your problem in the ticket)
    Third option, in case you want to play now instead of when a DM comes to help you out is to type /death, which kills you and sends you back to your spirit binder.
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    try /stuck again when you log in. Chances are you'll be popped loose anyway. if not and /stuck still doesnt work. /death.
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    What the above 3 post's said.
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