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    Default 100 retributive cursed boredom of funblock loots for your analysis

    This is a list of loot I collected recently, when I had the idea to analyze just how much Retributive Cursed Boredom of Funblock stuff was actually dropping. Posting it now during the hotfix so people have something to read while the devs (hopefully) fix the duping bug.

    It's 100 items, filtered as equippable gear with affixes, from end chests. No side chests, no wands, no potions; but I did concentrate very hard on noting all end drops. This was done as a sort of statistical normalization, because I figure end chests are fairly reliable and similar that way.

    These were collected on a level 14-18 warforged favored soul on Ghallanda server, starting around Wizard-King and ending around Inspired Quarter.

    Slots are counted, affix levels are counted. If an affix has no level, it's probably the level 1 version, which just displays as "Holy" in game. (Holy is now a 1d6 attribute!) You can do your own statistical analysis, like noting that there were 3 Cursed (-1 stat) items out of 100. There were also 3 Masterful Craftsmanship items. Feel free to speculate on why two of those were Goggles of Wizardry, both with augment slots. :-)

    +3 Frost II Battleaxe of Ghostbane II
    Armored +8 Cursed (-Wis) Bracers
    +3 Keen I Composite Longbow of Deception II (red slot)
    20 +4 Holy Throwing Hammers
    +2 Acid III Warhammer of Deception III
    +2 Acidproof (12%) Feycraft Scalemail of Vitality +15
    +1 Shrieking II Dwarven Axe of Rapid Strikes (2%) (red slot)
    20 +5 Frost Throwing Hammers
    +2 Retributive (Fire II) Magecraft Breastplate of Spearblock III
    Charismatic +4 ring of Resistance +2 (yellow slot)

    +3 Retributive (Ice II) Heavy Densewood Shield of Vitality +10
    +4 Reconstruction (72) Scepter of Ice Lore IV
    +3 Flaming II Heavy Crossbow of Rapid Shots (1%)
    +2 Axiomatic I Light Pick of Ghostbane III
    +3 Flaming II Shortbow of Riposte II
    +3 Magnetism (66) Heavy Mace of Acid Lore IV
    +2 Retributive (Lit III) Heavy Densewood Shield of Spearblock II
    +1 Anarchic I Dwarven Axe of Bloodletting III (red slot)
    Masterful Goggles of Wizardry VI (white slot)
    +3 Frost II Battleaxe of Riposte II (red slot)

    Goggles of Haggling +11 (yellow slot)
    Masterful Armored +3 Gloves of Speed III (green slot)
    +3 Thaumaturgy (potency 40 recon 60 null 60) Quarterstaff of Ice Lore III
    +2 Shockproof (12%) Densewood Buckler of Vitality +10
    +4 Shock II Heavy Crossbow of Rapid Shots (2%)
    +4 Retributive (Fire III) Feycraft Leather of Deathblock II
    +2 Frost II Light Mace of Deception III
    +3 Axiomatic Longsword of Rapid Strikes (2%)
    +6 Retributive (Ice II) Robe of Vitality
    +2 Shock III Longsword of Ghostbane II

    +1 Retributive (Lit II) Feycraft Scalemail of Hammerblock III (blue slot)
    Fail against Poison +8 Ring of False Life +15
    +2 Frost II Adamantine Warhammer of Shattering III
    Charismatic +3 Necklace of Accuracy V
    +3 Acid II Flametouched Iron Bastard Sword of Ghostbane II (red slot)
    +4 Thaumaturgy (potency 44 combust 66 radi 66) Quarterstaff of Spell Lore III
    +2 Fireproof (14%) Feycraft Leather of Deathblock IV
    +6 Retributive (Lit II) Robe of Spearblock III
    +1 Flurry (3%) Magecraft Plate of Deathblock III
    Wise +3 Ring of Natural Armor +5

    +3 Retributive (Ice III) Feycraft Chainmail of Deathblock II
    +3 Frostproof (12%) Feycraft Chainmail of Deathblock II
    +4 Shockproof (12%) Robe of Hammerblock III (blue slot)
    Soundproof 20 Helm of Inner Focus +5 (white slot)
    +4 Magnetism (72) Scepter of Fire Lore IV
    +3 Shrieking Repeating Heavy Crossbow of Rapid Shot (2%)
    +2 Flaming II Composite Longbow of Rapid Shots (3%) (red slot)
    Masterful Goggles of Wizardry VI (yellow slot)
    Wise +3 Necklace of Accuracy V
    +2 Eldritch Light Mace of Ribcracking II

    +6 Radiance (90) Dwarven Axe of Spellsight +11 (first Inspired Quarter drop)
    Health +5 Boots of Dodge 3% (yellow slot)
    +4 Cursespewing Longbow of Deception III
    Fortified 100% Gloves of Protection +3
    +2 Eldritch II Khopesh of Rapid Strikes (3%) (red slot)
    Dexterous +3 Belt of False Life +30
    +2 Flurry 3% Magecraft Half Plate of Hammerblock II
    Charismatic +5 Helm of Accuracy III
    Wise +4 Goggles of Wizardry III
    +4 Frostproof (12%) Feycraft Chainmail of Hammerblock II

    +4 Retributive (Lit 3) Mountain Half Plate of Hammerblock III
    +3 Flaming II Longsword of Riposte III
    +5 Nullification (78) Scepter of Enchantment Focus II
    +3 Axiomatic Handwraps of Ghostbane III
    +4 Reconstruction (78) Scepter of Radiance Lore V
    Charismatic +5 Goggles of Accuracy IV
    +2 Shockproof 14% Densewood Buckler of SPearblock III
    +3 Frost III Longbow of Heartseeking II
    +3 Acid II Byeshk Dagger of Deception IV
    +4 Acidproof 14% Light Densewood Shield of Deathblock II

    Armored +5 Boots of False Life +25
    +2 Soundproof 12% Magecraft Shield of Deathblock III
    +4 Frost II Shortsword of Deception II
    +6 Retributive (Fire iI) Outfit of Vitality +10
    Deadly III Helm of Wizardry V
    +2 Eldritch Kama of Deception III
    +5 Potency (52) Morningstar of Conjuration Focus Ii
    Fortified 80% Belt of Protection +3
    +4 Shrieking Kama of Riposte III
    +3 Retributive (Acid III) Feycraft Leather of Axeblock II

    +4 Reconstruction (72) Dagger of Abjuration Focus II
    +4 Retributive (Fire III) Outfit of Vitality +15
    Armored +6 Bracers of Speed III
    Deadly III Cursed (-Dex) Helm of Eloquence +7 (white slot, yellow slot)
    Armored +8 Boots of Escape +7
    +4 Keen II Khopesh of Deception II
    +5 Impules (78) Scepter of Abjuration Focus II
    +2 Soundproof (14%) magecraft Half Plate of Vitality +10 (blue slot)
    +3 Frost III Rapier of Rapid Strikes 2%
    Fireproof (30) Boots of Seeking I

    Armored +8 Bracers of Protection +3
    Shockproof 30 Cursed (-Wis) Belt
    +4 Shockproof 16% Spiritcrat Leather of Axeblock IV
    Wise +3 Ring of Natural Armor +5
    +3 Anarchic Battleaxe of Rapid Strikes 3%
    +4 Corrosion (72) Light Pick of Ice Lore IV
    Wise +3 Necklace of Natural Armor +5
    +3 Frost II Handwraps of Ghostbane II
    +3 Soundproof 14% Light Densewood Shield of Axeblock II
    +2 Eldritch Composite Longbow of Heartseeking IV

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    I'd consider you lucky. There are actually instances that you don't get 'ghostbane' and 'deception'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmoustakas View Post
    I'd consider you lucky. There are actually instances that you don't get 'ghostbane' and 'deception'.
    I can't tell if you really think I'm lucky, or if you're trying to be funny and coming off as complaining. Ghostbane and Deception items (together) make up about 1/7th of my drops. How many of your drops do they make up? Have you counted?

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    If anyone was around in the uk in the 70's-80's, whenever I read these I keep reading them in the same manner as the guy reading the football pools result....

    Queen of the South.....three Dumbarton......One

    Ghostbane....two Deception......three

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    @ the OP, them there are some sweet Loots!
    Smallmans Syndrome, Rovac, Dragnipur, Prettyhater Machine, Lubed, Castinfist
    Emmpeethree, Hyperkill Hyperthrill and Greyvegas (All on Khyber)

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