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    Quote Originally Posted by Forzah View Post
    I see inventory management as one of the few remaining interesting trade-offs in the game. It is a fact that none of the items from the TR bank are necessary, as you can reasonably get back to cap without good gear. The items are there merely for convenience. So when you TR, you basically have to plan beforehand how much convenience you want and at which level. As increasing bank space makes this trade-off increasingly simple, I don't think it would be good for the game. Maybe it's because of my background in optimization; harder problems are often more fun
    Yes, no items are actually necessary. But for some people it's fun to gather items. I love to do so and I hate throwing things away, especially if they are rare (even if not that useful). The DDO Store is mostly about convenience, and more space for BTC items is right up that alley. People will pay for convenience. If others want trade-offs, just don't buy the space. Let us hoarders have fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rynehawk View Post
    I have the same issue. One thing I would put on the wish list is the need to empty out the TR cache in order to TR again. Nothing worse than spending 30 minutes trying to get all the stuff out of the cache only to have it go right back in. Seems kinda silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weyborn View Post
    I am hoping that there is discussion or plans of expanding Character bank space, not shared

    My main toon on his 23rd life has 169 items in the TR Cache - every item is BTC

    my inv overflow is full at 100 and most of that is BTC due to items I used to level up on last life

    With new TR path I am not going to be able to empty my TR cache and enjoy the TR ride again

    I have gotten rid of old named items and things that just don't matter, everything I have for the most part is something I would use on a different class TR life

    I know I am not the only one facing this challenge
    I feel you. Im about at that stage myself.

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