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    Default Shield Bash Proc


    I went to see if shield bashing had been fixed yet from not just procing every 6 seconds but the actual 20% it supposed too. I also wanted to see if the fighter enhancement shield striking actually added the 5-15%. i did 100 blows against the test dummie and i had 33 proc witch seems very close to 35%. So good news shield bashing seems to work now.

    Also i seemed to have never got any misses in the combat log that you normally get on a 1 but i did notice some animations of shield bashing but it doesnt connect. i am assuming these are misses and they are just not being logged.

    I also never noticed any double strike procing on a shield bash but my shocking blow on my charged gauntlets did.

    Shield bashing would also sometimes proc back to back.

    I'm not sure if any of this is new information. it still has the bugged description on wiki and i couldn't find anything like this on the forums.

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    That is good news

    Double Strike not working should be WAI because it only works on main hand weapons.
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