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    Default Will a Druid be a successful high lvl?

    Hey i have a lvl 5 almost six (Four dots) druid . he is a half eleven seasons herald. i was wondering if he would be a good character to carry through on ??? thanks im a vip (and new) and still dont know much about this game ..... im 14 so please help me out ! thanks !

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    it is can be very successful in end game. it all depends on how you built it.
    a few questions first...
    what were your starting stats?
    what half elf dilli did you take?
    what is your plan for the character?
    what feats have you/do you plan on taking?

    there are a lot of helpful people on the forums, but in order to help we do need some information (:
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    A pure caster druid is a very good support/heals character with decent dps thanks to the U19 enhancements. Search For the Markeyex build on the forums. He has a really nice effective build even for a first lifer.

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