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    Hi, I'm pretty new to this game, I played it in 2011 and only played it 6 months, then I left it, so with all this changes I'm a bit lost.
    I was looking for a nice caster build (I'm tired of pale masters and ele wizards) and I find yours (what it's amazing dude, gratz) but I have a few questions:

    Is this build still viable?
    Since I'm making a character from 0 I have to adapt your build to a 32p build. What would be in your opinion the stats for a 32p build?
    In the feat section you said you would like to replace augment summoning and extend. What feats would you choose for their replacement?
    How many points do I have to put in UMD and intimidate?
    would you recommend me to use tomes in my first lives?
    what aligment would work better with a druid?
    what about class feats?

    Thanks in advange bro. Peace.
    Yep the build is current and viable, I keep it updated regularly. All the solo EE videos in my post are from the past couple months. For a 32 point build you can just max con and wis and if you have extra points then go for int for more skill points.

    In the feat section it indicates which feats you're swapping at which level, which is at L15 replace Augment Summoning with Improved Shield Mastery. Then at around L18-20ish you can replace Extend for Spell Focus: Evocation.

    You'll want to max out intimidate if you want to end up tanking raid bosses, but if you don't feel you want to take it to that level, you can cut a few points out. Even if you're not using for raid bosses, intimidate is nice to pull aggro away from your party and into your CC and AOE spells, as well as to keep aggro off your wolf.

    For UMD, you need 36 for no-fail Raise Dead scrolls (Teleport is also 36), that should be your minimum goal. Preferrably 44 for no-fail Resurrection scrolls. On a first lifer you'll want to max out UMD if you can.

    If it's a first life toon, might want to wait on tomes until you're sure you like the build and plan on keeping it. Once you're sure, use the best tomes you can. Con and Wis are highest priority.

    For alignment, druids have to be some form of neutral but I'm really not sure that there's an optimum alignment for druid. I always just make mine true neutral.

    For class feats on a druid it's just your wildshape forms. The only critical choice is make sure you take fire elemental form first at L13, which is when you have your first choice of elemental forms. Then you'll get water elemental at L17. For earlier forms, I recommend wolf first because it can be fun to melee as a wolf at low levels. So basically for class feats go wolf, bear, winter wolf, dire bear, fire elemental, water elemental.

    I hope you enjoy the build! If you don't have a lot of experience playing DDO I think you'll appreciate this build that much more because druids are easy to solo, self healing, and this particular build is very survivable.
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