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    Default 12 Monk/6 Paladin/2 Cleric - Full HP all day

    Recently started playing again, and with the enhancement pass there are lots of new options. Due to having a LR +20 on every toon I decided to use one on a toon I haven't used much to test a build I thought was quite interesting, which is a really high healing amp build which utilizes fists of light+vampiric wraps+divine healing from cleric combined with a really high amount of healing amp to never lose much health. Currently a 13 monk/6 pala/1 cleric as the toon I LRed was a rogue 20, which means I can't get the 2nd cleric level in before next week. It is also a half-elf, which is slightly unfortunate, because I end up with 10% less amp, but I figure I might end up using a LR+3 in the future to get a pala PL for the extra amp, and so I can go human if I like the toon enough.

    Human Monk 12/Paladin 6/Cleric 2

    Stats: (Slightly unsure about how to do them, as stunning fist would prolly be nice to have, but not sure if the build will get a high enough DC, plus it will force me to choose only 2 among imp martial arts, overwhelming crit and vorpal strikes. If I'm not bothering with stunning fist I can dump wis, which makes the build a lot less starved for points).
    16 Str + levelups
    15 Dex (If starting with 14 you can't fit in GM stances, gTWF and ICrit at the same time)
    14 Con
    10 Int (To be able to afford UMD+Concentration+Heal maxed with some spare points for other useful skills like balance, etc. Could potentially be dropped to 8)
    8 Wis (If stunning fist is to be used this obviously has to be higher.)
    14 Cha

    11 UMD, 23 Heal, 23 Concentration, some spot, balance, tumble and jump.

    Feats of note:
    3x TWF
    Cleave, Great Cleave, OC
    Improved Martial Arts
    Epic damage reduction or blinding speed
    Power Attack

    3 feats that can be used for w/e stuff like:
    Dodge Chain
    Monk PL
    Empower Healing
    Extra Turn Undead
    Improved Sunder
    Stunning Fist (if grabbing a lot higher wis, etc.)
    Passage Dragonmark

    Healing Amp:
    1 Base
    1.1 KotC Tier 3
    1.1 KotC Tier 4
    1.1 KotC Tier 5
    1.1 Human Tier 1
    1.1 Human Tier 2
    1.1 Human Tier 4
    1.05 Shintao Core 1
    1.05 Shintao Core 2
    1.05 Shintao Core 3 (Note that getting shintao core 4 in addition to the other amps would limit you to rank 2 of divine healing, which is half the healing compared to rank 3, thus no core 4)
    2.05 Enhancements Only
    1.1 Exalted Angel Twist
    1.1 Unyielding Sentinel Vigor of Battle (Might not always be the case, as unyielding sentinel might not really be all that optimal for the build other than the 10% amp, but it's an option at least)
    2.48 Naked
    1.1 Item
    1.2 Item
    1.3 Item
    1.25 Jidz-tet'ka
    1.1 Airship
    5.85 Buffed and Equipped
    1.05 Paladin PL
    1.05 Paladin PL
    1.05 Paladin PL
    1.17 Fleshmaker
    7.94 Max potential amp (8.33 if taking last 4th shintao core at expense of divine vitality)(9.12 if you can get a druid to buff you)(9.58 if both)

    You basically end up around where you heal 100-200 hp from a CSW pot, every time you hit things you heal for 20 or so, and every 2 seconds you heal for another 50-60

    Only issue is that the setup would take a lot of gear slots (prolly dragontouched for the 10% and 20%, jidz as wrist, some 30% gloves and maybe even fleshmaker as your neck).

    It should also deal decent enough damage, with divine might pumping cha into str as well as having respectable options for buffing str in the first place. But the damage isn't the main focus, it's more about the healing your entire hp bar with every few seconds kind of thing.

    Enhancements of note:
    32+ in KotC (to get all 3 tiers of healing amp, picking up divine might and some other misc stuff on the way)
    11+ in Radiant Servant (Divine Healing)
    11+ in Shintao (The first 3 core abilities)
    17+ in Human (The 3 healing amp tiers)
    Which leaves 9 to spend on w/e. Picking up ninja spy shadow fade could be an idea, although it would require you to sacrifice some amp.

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    I was considering a similar concept, but mine was going to be a 12/6/2 monk/pala/X (hadn't decided here) halfling with the dragonmarks of healing.
    ~36 points in shintao- 20% healing amp, 40 sp
    ~22 points in KotC - 20% healing amp
    ~12 points in halfling tree- full dragonmark line
    ~10 points in sacred defender - 10 hp, 10 positive sp, 3 extra lay of hands

    so, from enhancements I get 50 spell power, i should be able to hit ~150 or so. Would also pick up empower healing and maximize.

    easily maintained healing amp.
    1.2(shintao) *1.2(paladin) *1.3(gear)*1.25(jitz) * 1.2(gear) = 2.8 (more with pally past lives, and i don't have a 1.1 item yet)

    so, 6 least dragonmarks max/emp,= ~ 10.5* 4.75 *2.8= 139.65/ use ~ 840 heals
    5 lesser dragonmarks max/emp= ~ 25.5* 4.75 *2.8= 339.15/ use ~ 1700 heals
    4 greater dragonmarks emp = ~150* 2.12 *2.8= 890.4/ use ~ 3560 heals -most likely to run over
    4 lay of hands: = (10+6)*5(cha)= 80 * 2.25 * 2.8= 504/use ~ 2016 heals
    total heals= 8116

    So, the build could potentially heal itself for over 8000 between shrines without ever using a single spell point.

    The build would also probably be a wis based vorpal strikes build in switching between fire and earth stances.

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