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    Default Dispelling Shot removes Arcane DoTs?

    Was in a Devil's Assault earlier and discovered my and the other 2 arcanes' DoTs (both eladar's and niac's) were being removed soon after their application.

    On the second boss (who still constantly teleports!), I figured I was just missing the re-application due to him teleporting again too quickly, but on the pit fiend it was quite pronounced and they'd disappear with a good 10 seconds left on the timer. Never even built up two charges.

    No druids, no crushing wave procs that I saw (and I was almost constantly inspecting; only closing and re-opening the window when it stopped updating), just an AA Ranger.

    Was only EH so over too soon to be worth complaining or investigating, but curious if that was the cause or if there's another alternative.
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    Old post (yay for searching before posting!), but I seem to be running into the same problem... just ran a Shroud and the debuffs and DoTs on Arraetrikos kept getting stripped regularly.

    Dualboxed a test with an arcane and dispelling shot: the first time I shot a DoTted enemy, it lost the DoT. Guess I'll bug report it.
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    Huh, never noticed. Guess I should swap that out for the shattermantle shot.

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    Dispelling shot will dispel anything it can, it doesn't matter if it's helpful or hindering.

    It'll dispel DoTs and HoTs with equal vigor. (it'll also dispel vigor too!)
    On top of this, if you paralyze a foe, it'll remove that too (yes, that's right, it'll take off your own paralze!)
    Sadly, it wont take off the effects of a wizzys shiradi clouds so the mob runs up and kills them... oh if only it could hehe

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