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    Default Missing weapons..

    Logged into one of my artificer today for the first time since the update figured I would load up his enhancements..

    Logged him in and saw he had no crossbow equipped... strange... open up my inventory and noticed his primary weapon a WOP repeater is gone.
    Ghostly of Disruption repeater.. gone..
    3 other repeaters gone.. greater elemental bane, and cant remember the other ones, but every toon has a set of power 5 weapons and then some focus weapons..

    My hot bar of weapons and my slots for inventory are suspiciously empty.. I don't usually have empty spots on my hot bar.
    Stanger still most still have the rune half of the sets loaded.

    Checked the bank as well and am missing other collected WOP weapons that I had stored.
    Had a full tab of weapons/rune arms now have missing spots on the tab, all the gear tabs are intact, just specific weapons missing, still had the various banishers , and basic holy of PG crossbows.

    anyone else notice missing weapons, WOP in particular seems to be the prevalent one..

    Bug reported it but I have yet to get anything useful from a bug report, especially for missing gear.
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    and several once viable raiding alts dumped into the packmule stables..

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