After one of the recent updates (it was either Shadowfell or something very near to that timeframe), I started to notice some of the female cleric hirelings showing a lot more skin. I don't know if this was true for other classes -- as a solo adventurer, I drag a cleric hireling along with me on most quests, and don't get to see much of the other classes except occasionally a fighter for one of my less combat-intensive characters (my pure Rogue or my Sorc/Rogue).

I may be in the minority here, and I realize this is just a fantasy game, but I'd like to throw my vote in (in spite of being a male player) as preferring the old, fully armored appearances. A more "risque" outfit would fit a sorcerer or wizard, for whom physical armor is irrelevant, and freedom of movement a major concern. But on the (at least partially) combat-oriented clerics, it looks a little weird from a gaming perspective to have them running around like they're headed for a Paris catwalk.

(And it could just be an overactive imagination, but I swear Flower looks like she wants to kill someone over this indignation.)

I'm not saying I'm *surprised* that someone decided, "Hey, we should make these chicks look more like Boris Vallejo hired them."

But for what it's worth, I'd support returning to the old look, or a newer but more combat-appropriate look. Especially if other combat-intensive classes were similarly affected.