I hadn't seen the new enhancement "Soul Magic" mentioned anywhere, so I thought I'd write up my experiences with it so far.

I actually contributed my first wiki for it at DDOWiki

The basic idea is that as you hit enemies with arrows, you will gain a stacking set of temporary spell points. For instance, if you hit three enemies, you will get 1+2+3 temp SP. If you hit with 10 arrows, you will get 55 temp SP. Once you invoke a spell, the temp SP is reset.

My current character is a lvl 14 wizard (mostly in Pale Master) with 1 lvl of ranger. With this enhancement, it's sorta like having unlimited spell points. In the wiki, I give some examples. One I use frequently is:

arrow+arrow+arrow+arrow+FrostLance (+10 temp SP -10 for the Frost lance = 0 outlay)

Anyway, if you have Arcane Archer among your enhancements, check this one out. You only need to spend 10 AP, which is very easy to do in the Arcane Archer tree.

Also, any feedback on the wiki page would be greatly appreciated.