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    Exclamation Need pure monk build!

    I need pure Light monk, DPS
    If you can so halfling but all races are ok...
    Tnx for helpers (:

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom999 View Post
    I need pure Light monk, DPS
    If you can so halfling but all races are ok...
    Tnx for helpers (:
    I don't really know what you're intentions are, but I just revamped my Monkey build and it is Halfling and does just about everything.

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    I found this interesting post yesterday.

    I'm a light HElf monk and am looking at trying out some of his ED (and maybe enhancement) suggestions. His monk is Dex/Wis, mine is more Str/Wis, so some things I can re-create on mine, some I can't.
    My 3rd Life Monk, 2nd Life Monk builds. My pre-MoTU Light Monk build.
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    My old Intimitank Build. 3rd life and haven't updated.

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    Halfling isn't optimal for pure light monk at the moment, since the number of ways to go dex/wis-unarmed are very limited.

    However, I'd do something like this:
    32pt halfing build (for 28 pt, drop strength to 12 and get a +1 tome)
    16- all lvl ups here, +2 tome by lvl 21 for vorp strikes

    10 feats before epic:
    1) DM of healing, twf(M)
    2) power attack(M)
    3) cleave, path of harmonious balance
    6) great cleave, stunning fist(M)
    9) improved twf
    12) improved critical blunt
    15) greater twf
    18) CHOICE: improved sunder is my recommendation though
    21) Vorpal strikes if possible, otherwise improved martial arts
    24) whichever you didn't take at 21.

    dragon mark of healing line, whatever else - 12pts
    shintao tree- full core, full line to kukan do, deft strikes, con/wis enhancements, whatever you need to get to top tier.
    next is a choice between henshin and ninja spy. for your secondary tree. ninja spy has sneak attack dice and shadow fade, while henshin has lots of little benefits. It's up to you.

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