Hello all, looking to trade some goodies for a +3 heart to modify a toon i recently capped. I have available:

11 red scales
2 green scales
11 flawless blue scales
12 flawless white scales
16 flawless black

EE ring of stormreaver prophecy
EH/EN ring of djinni
EN ring of shadows
EN jeweled cloak
+3 ins wisdom planar focus of subtefuge
+1 disable device tome
+4 upgrade intimidate tome
lesser convalescent bracers of sup parrying
greater convalescent bracers of sup parrying

80 major mnemonic pots

4,103 motes of night
26 vampire fangs (no longer drop, trade in only)
deadly 9/accuracy 9 necklace
15 medium eberron dragonshards
4 small eberron dragonshards

1 million platinum

I have a few other odds and ends sitting about, but i am willing to part with any of these goods for a fair offer. I would also trade for two +1 hearts if necessary. Please msg me either in game or via forums if interested. Thanks!