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I'm in the US, I'm VIP, and I work evenings so I'm affected by the downtime. But I'm not going to end my subscription because they need to do some maintenance. Yeah, I had forgotten about the downtime this morning so was disappointed when I couldn't log in but hey, I know how to read so pulled out a book and enjoyed myself anyways. Oh, and if anyone's checking in here apparently they're back up early so have fun!

This. Reading a book is a great suggestion. Getting off your fat backside and going outside for a couple hours wouldn't hurt anyone either. (Unless you live in Australia and run into one of their deadly spider/snake/croc/wimmens and die)

It's fascinating that very few people seem to understand that no matter when they schedule maintenance it's going to upset someone. But I suppose if you're the center of your own universe, that's all that really matters.