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Thread: Dear Turbine...

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    Default Dear Turbine...

    Dear Turbine,

    I recently logged into the game on my Artificer and discovered that he is now pointing his crossbow at his head. Now, I realize that I am not the best player in the world, but Bubbaman and I have had many wonderful adventures together. Yes, he has seen his share of deaths, maulings, dismemberments, and humiliations in the face of an inferior foe, but has it really come to this? Will he threaten to end his existence just because his controller is not quite up to par? I pray not! Bubbaman has been a loyal automaton since his days as a Favored Soul. Granted, he did let a few allies slip through his fingers as he boldly dashed into the fray swinging his scepters feverishly at an enemy immune to his blows, but that is precisely why he changed professions. Now he bravely stands 2000 yards away from his foes, perched high on a battlement that cannot be reached, and reigns havoc upon their confused bodies. His soul no longer tortured about the fate of the party! His conscience now cleared of the responsibility of holding life and death in his hands! He now stands a bulwark of long range support, making his mele-classed companions angry by pulling agro so far far away from the battle! Still....he stands alone..... A beaten, battered shell of binary code, searching for someone....anyone to share his victories, and weep at his defeats. I have tried to fill the void in his virtual life. I have bought him special potions, gear, and even a pet to keep him company. But if he has reached such a low estate that he would consider using his crossbow on himself, then I have failed him. Please intervene in this matter, oh Lords of Turbine! Please put an end to this madness, and put Bubbaman back on the path to glory!

    Thank you,

    Grignod Ironvein
    Scourge of Kobold Island
    One Who Still Gets Lost in the Desert
    Nekked Dancer in the Midst of Battle

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    He is facepalming at the turbine.

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