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    So I was bored today and I was adjusting some of my friends builds for Post-U19 and long story short I started messing around with my Wizard PM Tank (Wizard12/Fighter6/Rogue2) and testing something proved that 2 aura will stack. So I was wondering what the ultimate 4-person PM team that basically covers all avenues DPS, Tanking, CC, Trap Skills, Varied Stats, Different Weapons & Armor (for ease of loot sharing)

    Now I don't know if this will ever actually happen but if I can make a good enough team we might just roll with it otherwise its just a thought remember this needs to be a well rounded team not just 4 self-sufficients who happen to be in the same quest.

    So obviously we don't really need a healer since everyone's Aura and Neg-Burst will cover that for themselves and others.

    First character I'd say is the easiest a Human Wizard PM...nice and simple Max Con/Int Wiz18/Rogue2 there's you CC and Trap Skills.

    Second Character I'd say is probably the character I was originally working on "The Tank" the Level comp is pretty perfect 2 rogue for evasion and UMD, 6 Fighter for defender stance, and of course Wizard 12 for Wraith form...running calculations between dodge, displacement and wraith forms 35% miss chance ends up being approximately 75.6% miss chance before factoring in AC which with a decent Dex and light armor, plus various buffs (ie. tensers) can be made extremely high once you factor in combat expertise and the stalwart defender boosts as well as a nice large shield. Not sure best race for this one...probably Dwarf.

    Now here's where it gets difficult we pretty much only have DPS left and the first two don't really do much of it so we need some builds that can bring the pain with a minimum of 7 Wizard levels (Vampire @ 6 and Death Aura @ 7)

    One of the two classes I see utilizing this quite well is a Halfling Ranger6/Rogue7/Wizard7 that maximizes sneak attack as well as double strike...the lvl 6 DWS core is key here it allows you to bluff a target every 6 second for 4 seconds...that's free SA 2/3 of the time your fighting Wizard 7 is obviously for Vamp Form + Death Aura+ Improved Shrouding (vamp healing on-hit and reduced light damage) this one is probably going to be Dex based not sure one what secondary stat to choose

    The second one currently I'm thinking Monk12-13/Wizard7/X0-1 obviously again vamp form and using feats to boost Monk forms up to grandmaster and throwing in stunning fist to increase everyones damage output. Obviously goes dark monk for theme but also because light fists will do diddly for a PM group still goes shintao though since Ninja Spy is pointless for 90% of Monks now and Henshins are just pointless. The one is pretty race neural but would likely be Str/Wis based

    So uh yeah thats my thoughts...but this is a though experiment so experiment away
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