So, promised a buddy I'd pace him with a character. Will run probably only in a set group, no where else, at least until my buddy decides to take break. Group is a duo, arti and sorc.

I've got this bank toon, Vet2 Half Elf who, for some reason, has chomped +2 tomes in all stats. Currently a bard, neutral, with both the free lesser and +20 lesser reincarnates available. I'm kinda rich with bards, thinking of going some other direction - but no idea what.

Dunno. Half Elves seemed to take a hit in the enhancement pass. I kinda wish the character were either an elf or human.

Some things I'm thinking ...
- Ranger splashed dagger person (assassin T5) - maybe pal dillie
- Melee divine (scimmies) - rogue dillie
- Maybe druid?

Having a real time figuring it out. Half-elf just doesn't seem to fit anywhere.