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    Default TWF or THF since enhancement pass?

    On my completionist char (1 each of monk/bard/wiz/sorc/arty/fighter/paladin, full +4 tomes) I'm looking to get the barb life out of the way so I can run the rest of the caster lives with the extra HP. Preferably gonna do this after Mabar has finished crippling the servers with lag, so can probably count at least one +5 tome in there.

    So far I've amassed a respectable collection of khopeshes, including min2, epic elemental from house C, and a couple other useful (i.e. not ghostbane on everything) rare combinations from random loot drops. I'd like to use these to prevent any more inventory clutter, and will be stocking up on SF pots and elixirs of superior healing etc to keep myself mostly upright for soloing when necessary.

    I haven't tried anything out with barbarians apart from an aborted THF HOrc about 2 years ago, and what I'm trying to work out is whether there's a multiclass build that makes TWF worth using, or whether I should just leave all the khop's on bank toons/TR cache and go THF brute strength.

    Any ideas or help from you forumites?

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    10 barb, 6 ranger, 4 rogue is a viable split for a TWF barb. Rogue at 1, ranger til 7, then as you like. Bonus: You get traps and UMD. It's definteily not an endgame build, but it's great for the PL.

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