Every time they sell these things, the lfms in the range between 5 and 15 dry up. And in the case of the severely lacking lfms in all levels lately, now quests in this range have all but disappeared.

I've been checking during the day, when usage is fairly low anyway, and there are generally a few lfms for lower level quests. Even if it's just someone doing favor on an overlevel toon. But all day for the last several days, there have been 0-2 lfms listed all day in the range between 5-15. Once you get to Gianthold there's a much better chance of locating a group to run with.

Naturally, I decided to use my free LR +20 to grab a pl I really didn't want to level and am re-leveling my toon in it's final class. And it's friggin lonely! It's one thing to solo by choice and it's quite another to solo because that's the only option.