I have no clue why these are unlocked but I know drow allow me to have an easy starting 32 point build, so thats what i'm thinking!

I want a very middle of the road character, maybe a bit of melee and a bit of magic, fits drow build well and can help me journey on to the future to unlock 32 points or do true reincarnation

What's a good starting class do you think that allows for a balance and middle of the road gameplay?

I tried ranger a bit to level 3, I was considering trying bard. Does any class use a single one hander? I'm not too crazy about dual wielding but ill do it if need be. I like a mix of magic and spell. Bards in the past have been pretty fun like in EQ for example, but are the casters sorc and wiz really that difficult for new players to solo or level up with to 20?

thanks for any helps! ill check back tomorrow