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    I'll be on with my placeholder "Othen" tonight at 8 EST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fricko View Post
    I know I bowed out when it became apparent there were more people wanting to play than we had places to put them, but the PnP in DDO concept still tugs and whispers in my ear!

    With two teams, depending on day/time, I'd like a slot on one if possible.

    A single class Human Rogue, Ranger, or maybe an elderly Knight of the Chalice (Hunter of the Dead) Paladin to challenge the old broken brain and arthritic fingers.

    I can play any server except Thelanis, with Tues, Thurs, 7 PM - midnight EST being best, Fri or Sunday 7 PM EST my second choice.

    If you aren't, we can take whoever is left out and create a second group.
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    I'm on with Jafalcon in Korthos snowy side.

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    For any that missed Sat. night's meeting here's the following minutes:

    Method of rolling up stat's will be Postumous' 1d6 6x. Add racial modifiers first and then add your choice of number rolled to the stat. Remainder of points to stat of choice.

    Day - Sun. for regular play. Any that miss Sun. can group together on another night to make up.
    Server - Wayfinder.
    Time - @ 8:00 P.M. EST

    We'll have two groups so there won't be any left out. Taking an impromptu poll shows a decent spread of classes - healing, melee, trappers and arcane with support oddball[s].

    I'll create a new thread for Agents of STORM, so we can post character bio's and pertinent intro.

    See everybody Sunday, 13th on *sunnyside Korthos.

    Sunnyside so that we can party as a big group to chat and team up. [FYI if you've never done it, select to skip the storyline when meeting Jeets.]

    It was great meeting everybody.

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    Sorry I've been busy IRL and didn't see the post about the meeting. What is the procedure for getting my rolls done?
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    Default hi there

    Hey guys, how are you ? Did you start with this already ? I'm pretty sure i'd enjoy joining so i'd like to try. I read most of this thread and another one but i still have a couple of doubts:

    -How can i contact you guys in game ?
    -Is this a guild, or just 1/2 lasting groups ?

    I guess it would be nice if i introduce myself:

    I'm playing DDO since a year, in a way between how a "normal" player plays and how you guys do it. I'm not into either zerging or farming, though can't say i never ever do it. I usually sneak though dungeons, and with other guild i'm in we let the "noob-in-the-dungeon" lead and scout. We also read the story when we don't know it :O (some of us).

    Most important part: I played with the same AD&D group for 10 years, some years more active, some less. I've reached 14th level with my wizard, so you can tell i've played a lot and i'm more than familiar with AD&D mechanics. I've played 3.5 pnp version as well.

    Well i don't wanna bore you, just let me know how can i get in, if you got any room.

    thanks in advance, cheers.
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    Default This thread has been replaced...

    by Agents of Storm. So far we have enough for 2 groups, we are meeting at 7:00 PM EST Sunday on Wayfinder (just to be safe, may actually roll out later). Go to sunny side with out doing any quests. One group is ready for MP, the other group still has Redemption, Necro and Sacrifice to do. Roll a character by the rules. You can do the village quests up to elite; and Stopping the Sahuagin and have xp to just hit level 2. Keep your starter armor and weapon and any cure pots you find. My group found chests only at the end of Heyton's rest, behind the bar and the last chest in Collab. You can equip yourself with that loot according to the rules. You can take end loot from Collaborator (from the barkeep) but not the other NPC questgivers. Look for people in Guild "AGENTS OF STORM".

    Hi welcome
    Originally posted by Aeryyn "I don't play this game for xp/min, I play for fun/hour. "

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