Does a thrower count as a secondary weapon? I missed that if you already covered those.
Good question. Perhaps a thrower would count like a quiver of ammunition. I usually picture a bandoleer with throwing weapons sheathed along it. So perhaps limit it to 1 type of thrown weapon, and if you "specialize"* in throwing - a couple of bandoleers [or even better Returning! I'm open for that, since throwing weapons aren't usually very powerful and AA's have their returning arrows].

*i.e. it's your main ranged

Honestly though I don't see the difference between exiting the quest, sprinting to the nearest tavern, chugging some Stormreach lemonade, and running back to the quest with a full health bar and just using the shrine. Simulate camping inside the quest (many of which are actually outdoors), or simulate outside the quest. Seems like semantics to me.
I agree. And I think with the healing available with characters, found potions etc. it's unnecessary. Besides I JUST got used to the idea of NOT going back out the way I came in - sheesh.

Did we address using radiant servants? Specifically the regenerating turns being used as an endless HP/SP battery (with divine vitality)? Anyone have a problem with that?
I think that should be up to the individual. I if ask to be allowed to [duh, duh, duhhh!] "build" a multi class character up with cherry picking enhancements [to simulate his own "personal but undescribed" tree] then I'm not going to preach about some enhancements being this, that, or the other. *O.o* <blushing 'cause I've argued so much - sorry.