Hey guys-
After making dozens of first lifers, I've decided to TR one of them into a Rogue (Ranger past life)
This will actually be my first Rogue, but the new sneak system combined with falling in love with the SA/Sneaky based DWS that I have right now has encouraged me to roll a Rogue for a similar playstyle with more damage and tools. The only tool that I'm not really keen on losing is IPS Manyshot, I'm trying to find a replacement for that kind of ranged power in managing crowds and bursting down bosses. Being able to destroy an entire room very quickly or take out half a bosses health is the only thing I really don't want to be without.
Time Bomb is awesome, but can't really replace assassinate.
I don't know the power of the ranged great crossbow bleed.
Cleave/sweeping strike acrobat with haste boost would be interesting for thinning crows, but that+assassinate, it's a lot of AP.

I'm really trying to not sacrifice the assassinate DC while keeping these options open, because that will be my main tool while soloing and otherwise.

The ranged option is pretty obvious- but obviously not nearly as powerful as I'm used to. I'm just trying to find a bursty way to thin crowds and take out rooms very quickly for both solo play (if I'm caught) and party play (for the lulz)