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    Default Character Planner - Series 4.xx

    Alright. I'm told that since we went to Major Version 4, we should start a new thread. Fair enough. Welcome to the Character Planner Series 4 thread! I'm going to ask the mods to close down the other thread.

    I just uploaded version 04.19.02 to the server. You can find it here:

    As always, please clear your browser cache and refresh if you still seeing the old version.

    This is a partial list of what we fixed. Maintaining a full fix list is hard, so this isn't entirely complete. But we got a lot of it in here I think. We got a lot of stuff fixed, and I think this is a pretty good release. At least I hope so. But do let us know if anything is wrong or seems off.

    I should caveat that I think there are problems with the religious feats for Clerics/Paladins/Favored Souls in spots. We worked through some of them, but I'm not sure it's quite right yet. So be careful with those.

    Oh, I almost forget. All equipment stuff has been disabled in this build. We are going to totally revamp that system.

    Version 4.19.02

    Bug Fixes
    (Fixed) Tome Description say 1-4 (Should say 1-5).
    (Fixed) Can't increase abilty point at 28 (Human 2rog/18druid/8 epic build)
    (Fixed) Multiclass clerics that take some other class at level 1, don't get to take the new Cleric class feats at all in the planner? I tried a couple of race and class combinations, same symptom.
    (Fixed) I had Swim show up as "n/a" initially in the build I used for testing. Even after putting 3 points into it. Changed to normal when I'd put points in the next skill.
    (Fixed) Also seeing this with tumble, but the "n/a" doesn't go away even after putting several points into tumble or other skills.
    (Fixed) The selectable monk adept/master/grandmaster of forms feats aren't appearing on the available feats list.
    (Fixed) Ten thousand stars is showing up, but is not selectable as the level 6 monk bonus feat.
    (Fixed) the mousover in kensai tree for haste boost is showing attack boost.
    (Fixed) purple dragon knight on 1st lvl has 3 feats in game, but only 2 in planner
    (Fixed) Shadar-Kai is only using the "selected" graphic, while the other iconics are only showing their "unselected" graphic. (The yellow border that surrounds selected races)
    [Partial Fix] Clicking the drop down in the third enhancement line and picking a class sometimes also clicks "Clear all enhancement" that is right under the drop down. [Partial Fix, button still shows but enhancement won't be reset.]
    (Fixed) As a lvl 1 Rogue, Swim and Tumble are N/A and will not change until I choose my first point in UMD (Fixed)
    (Fixed) Arcane Archer (Elf) trees are disappearing in Multiclass builds on any new levels taken. (Fixed)
    (Fixed) Halfling Race tree is bugged on reloading. (Fixed).
    (Fixed) Also Mechanic Wand and scroll, only required one point in planner... should be 2 (Fixed).
    (Fixed) Shadar Kai Empowered Jaunt only took one point in planner... should be 2 (Fixed).
    (Fixed) Acrobat: You can also use your Dexterity modifier to hit with Quarterstaves. (Fixed).
    (Fixed) "Stick Fighting" is showing up as a enhancement that you have to active, I am guessing that is incorrect. (Fixed).
    (Fixed) 1.) At level 26-28 the base spell point from class are missing from the total. (Fixed)
    (Fixed) 2.) The bonus spell points are calculated wrong if there was a tome increase (Fixed)
    (Fixed) Orcish Fury core ability has wrong descriptions on the 2nd and 3rd tier (fixed)
    (Fixed) Power Rage Rank 2: When raging, you gain an additional +2 Strength, but also get an additional -2 penalty to AC. Requires 6 levels of the Barbarian class
    (Fixed) Rogue mechanic wracking strike/shot has 3 ranks in game, planner has it at a max of 1 rank (Fixed)
    (Fixed) selecting 1 level of monk auto grants adept of forms in planner ( suppose to auto grant to lvl 6 monk / selectable feat for chars with 1 level of monk and char level 6)
    (Fixed) Power Rage (Half-Orc tree) is not respecting the Barbarian class requirement (2 and 6 for ranks 1 and 2)
    (Fixed) when swapping around trees (for me it was in a 3 class build) came across a bit of a snag... if you unset too many at the same time, you cannot unset more as the dropbox falls off the end of the window, and the window cannot be resized.
    (Fixed) Halfling Dexterity should cost 2 points not 1
    (Fixed) Deepwood Stalker Improved Weaponfinesse should require the feat Weaponfinesse
    (Fixed) Warpriest Ameliorating Strike and Divine Intervention should have only one tier
    (Fixed) In the Character Planner a Morninglord 1 Cleric/19 Favored Soul/1 Epic gets a green Class Feat, which can be filled with Favored by the Silver Flame or Favored by the Sovereign Host feats. This is basically the same bonus feat that was already granted at level 2 (and should not be granted again). If you filled the bonus feat at level 2, there is no feat you can fill in this slot anyways as the other choice is correctly greyed out. At level one this is also granted as a cleric bonus feat - dunno how this is ingamge - but in the planner you have 2 feat slots that cannot be filled with this build
    (WAI) Another bug with the above build: The only possible spell choice for spell level one for the favored soul levels is cure light wounds - obviously the planner sees the spells from the cleric level and treats it as favored soul spell choices
    Will not be fixed, it is working as intended. The character planner is designed to not allow the user to select spells they already know. Although this diverges from how the actual game works (a 1/1 Cleric/FvS build would be able to reselect spells they already know), we feel this is a better system, and one the game itself should adopt. Usually we try to conform to how the game works (warts and all), but in this case our design is preferred. [However, this brings to light another bug which is the spell Cure Light Wounds is listed as a level 2 spell for clerics, when it really should be level 1. As soon as I confirm this it will be changed, and the FvS build will have NO spells to select in the above case].

    (Fixed) In the Character Planner Morninglords dont get epic feats or epic destiny feats to chose from ... only toughness can be filled in.
    (Fixed - Disabled)In the equipment section: Items cannot be equipped, if the item list is scrolled, enhancements are shown instead of items.
    (Fixed) Dwarf Fortress III is missing its description
    (Fixed) Dwarf Stand Like Stone II and III have the same description as I => should be: duration 12/15/20 and balance/prr +10/20/30
    (Fixed) Stalwart Shield Mastery: Max Tower Shield Dex Bonus on tier II and III is wrong: should be +1/2/3
    (Fixed) Radiant Servant Mighty Turning (Tier 2) is supposed to have Improved Turning as a pre-req, yet, you can select it without having the pre-req.
    (Fixed) Radiant Servant The two ability score enhancements on tiers 3 and 4 should be Charisma/Wisdom, they are only Wisdom
    (Fixed) Loading an older character save file (version <04.19.01) gives errant values for skill raises at later levels
    (Fixed) Monk Enhancement Rise of the Pheonix does not have accurate requirements (report in Mantis - 0000116)
    (Fixed) In the Shinto Enhancement tree for the Monk, the Elemental Curatives tree requires fists of light. This is not reflected in the Character planner. (report in Mantis - 000015)
    (Fixed) Forum Export incorrectly labels class names after level 20
    (Fixed) Resetting enhancements by right-clicking doesn't properly count required points spent in tree, e.g it is possible to reset lower tier enhancements if there are enough points spent for the highest tier enhancement selected including point cost for the highest tier enhancements taken
    (Fixed) It is possible to reset first core enhancement regardless if there are any points spent in the tree
    (Fixed) Choosing and then resetting multiple enhancement selector (by right-clicking) shows greyed-out icon of the choice reset, not the multiple selector icon
    (Fixed) Warpriest (FvS/Cleric) - Divine Might (Tier 1) - description has /par instead of new paragraph
    (Fixed) Warpriest (FvS/Cleric) - Wall of Steel (Tier 2) - has three ranks giving 3/6/10 PRR each, not one rank
    (Fixed) Warpriest (FvS/Cleric) - Divine Intervention (Tier 5) - has only one rank, not three ranks
    (Fixed) Angel of Vengeance (FvS) - Just Reward (Tier 2) - has three ranks giving 3/6/10 temporary spell points, not one rank, also cost is 1 AP per rank
    (Fixed) Kensei (Fighter) - Kensei Focus (core) - after selecting tooltip shows description for "Kensei Focus: Archery" regardless of choice
    (Fixed) Kensei (Fighter) - Weapon Group Specialization (Tier 1-4) - after selecting tooltip shows description for "Kensei Weapon Specialization: Archery" regardless of choice
    (Fixed) Kensei (Fighter) - Action Boost (Tier 1) - tooltip for Haste Boost shows description for Attack Boots
    (Fixed) When picking an Iconic it does not seem to be setting the class for each of the Iconics. When I pick Shadar-Kai I do not get the Rogue skill set listed. If I start out and select a human rogue first then switch to Shadar-Kai I see the skills, but if I change to a different Iconic the same skills are still showing.
    (Fixed) I'm working on entering a Dwarf Monk and have him up to level 7 in the planner. I took Least Dragonmark of Warding at level 6. I also took one Dragonmark Focus at level 6. At level 7 I plan on taking the Lesser Dragonmark, but the planner says no. The tool tip shows that the required 5AP have been spent, and that the Least Dragonmark has been taken, but the Icon is circled in red and won't let me take it.
    (Fixed) MultiEnhancements let you spend points when you have no available points to spend
    (Fixed) Air,Fire,Earth,Water Savants... the Pierce (Electric,Fire...) show a cost of 1 point and actually require 2.
    (Fixed) Arcane Archer Paralyzing Arrows ... Planner says 2AP, should be 1
    (Fixed) "Soul Magic" (Arcane Archer Trees) Missing
    (Fixed) Elf Tree "Feywild Tap" you have 2AP, Wiki and PDF say 1AP
    (Fixed) Deepwood Stalker Tree "Stealthy" planner has 1AP, should be 2.
    (Fixed) As crazy as it seems, Divine Might only costs 1 AP per rank in the warpriest tree. Pally version still costs 2/rank.
    (Fixed) Next issue is that Wall of Steel (tier 2 Warpriest) has 3 ranks, not 1
    (Fixed) Ameliorating Strike (tier 4 Warpriest) listed as having 3 ranks but it only has 1. The display also says it heals 1d4 per level on crits, but in game it procs for 1d2 on every smite.
    (Fixed) When reducing a muti-enhancement to 0 points spent, the incorrect icon appears (a greyscale of the previously selected multi-enhancement appears rather than the master multi-selection icon)
    (Fixed) The "Clear" Button on the main screen does not update the known enhancements list (it does appear to clear the enhancements, it seems like a display bug only)
    (Fixed) Banishing Arrows should cost only 1 AP.
    (Fixed) Smiting Arrows should cost only 1 AP.
    (Fixed) Energy of the Wild Rank 3 can't be taken on characters that possess the Magical Training feat already. The planner doesn't restrict it.
    (Fixed) The ability score raises for epic levels (24 & 28) don't appear in the output.
    (Fixed) The destiny feats (26 & 28) don't appear in the output.
    (Fixed) All epic levels show a seemingly random smattering of skill raises.
    (Fixed) Enhancement output colors are inconsistent with other types of output
    (Fixed) Pale Master trees are showing as Future Trees after loading a saved file..
    (Fixed) Printout Snapshot: Enhancements and Spells always print full list, regardless of user level selection
    (Fixed) Multiclass Paladins might not be able to select their Level 1 religious feat under some circumstances

    Changes from Patch 19.2 Release notes.

    (Fixed) The Nature's Warrior and Season's Herald Druid Enhancement Trees have been updated. Some Enhancements have been improved, and several new enhancements have been added
    (Fixed) The Artificer Arcanotechnician enhancement "Repair Systems" has been renamed "Automated Repairs" to differentiate the enhancement from a different enhancement that had the same name.
    (Fixed) The Cleric Divine Disciple enhancement "Vulnerability" has been removed and replaced with Efficient Metamagic Feat.
    (Fixed) Each Core Enhancement in the Henshin Mystic tree except for Serenity now also gives +1% Fire and Force Spell Critical Chance. Serenity gives an additional +5% Fire and Force Spell Critical Chance.
    (Fixed) The cooldown of Incinerating Wave has been reduced to nine seconds from twelve seconds.
    (Complete) Several icons have been polished and improved.
    (Fixed) Patch 19.2 changed deepwood stalker core enhancements (they all grant 10 positive spellpower now)
    (Fixed) Patch 19.2 changed deepwood stalker increased and versatile empathy (they now only grant 4 positive spellpower per tier)
    (Fixed) Patch 19.2 exchanged the positions of core enhancements 4 and 5 of the warpriest tree

    Print Out capability
    (COMPLETE) Level Guide

    Known Issues
    • Build saved under the prior version of the planner (04.19.01) with Pale Master enhancements must modify the save text file before it can be loaded. All instances of "Palemaster" should be changed to "Pale Master", and the file saved. It will then load properly under 04.19.02
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    Default Love you guys! -- Thanks a bunch! Keep up the great work!

    Love you guys! -- Thanks a bunch! Keep up the great work! 3 cheers! :P! ! HOORAY! WOOHOO! YAY! :P! ! !

    /tongue in cheek Perhaps Turbine can take a page out of your playbook on how to fix bugs permanently & in a timely manner/fashion? (Oops did I type that out loud? Haha!)

    Anyways I digress, this is super awesome!!!!!!! Sign this!!!:

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    Kill'em all and let their favorite deity sort'em out
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    Awesome work as always guys! Thanks a million for everything you guys do


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    Thank you Ron and the Team.

    Keep up the good work.

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