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    Default The Bastard (An Attempt at a Self Healing Barb)

    I was originally going to go half-elf (hence the name) and pick up the 40% healing amp but if you go that route you can only fit the amp, ravager, and healing smite lines (you have limited rage duration and you also have to increase wisdom to pick up monk dilettante).

    Human Barbarian 12/Ranger 4/FVS 4
    (I was going to go R Fx4 Bx4 R Bx4 R Bx4 R)
    S 18 + 7 level ups
    D 14 + 3 tome (for GTWF/manyshot)
    C 14
    I 8
    W 8
    C 15 (12 if 32 point)

    Skills into max balance and heal (for ameliorating strike spell power) then whatever.

    1 PA
    1 Cleave
    3 Stunning blow
    6 Great cleave
    9 Improved crit pierce (can start with slash then respec if you want)
    12 ITWF (need the +3 tome to kick in unless you are LRing)
    15 GTWF (use a 2 hander until now when you can start using deathnips)
    18 Point blank shot
    21 Manyshot
    24 Overwhelming critical
    26 PTWF
    27 Epic damage reduction
    28 Tactician

    Ravager (34 for crit rage 2 for 15-20/x4 deathnips)
    War Priest (22 for ameliorating strike which is based on character level not FVS level)
    Human (5 for damage boost, heal amp I, and strength +1)
    Frenzied Berserker (12 for frenzy, extra rage III, power rage III)
    Occult Slayer (4 for extend rage III)
    Arcane Archer (3 for conjure arrows)

    My level 25 cleric gets about 150 hp x2 (dual wielding with 0 points in heal but he has 1.56 healing amp) with each ameliorating strike every 15 seconds so I think that works out to be pretty good healing when you are dual wielding. If you go with a 2 handed weapon instead then that cuts your healing in half.

    Between War Priest and your barbarian lines you don't have much AP to spare for anything else. You could drop conjure arrows and some human AP and instead pick up 10% offhand from tempest (need 6 ap for it).

    If you wanted more of a pure barbarian you could drop the ranged feats and 4 ranger, just doing 16 barbarian/4 favored soul (the AP layout would be about the same).
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