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    Default Introducing Artifacts to DDO

    There are many Epic magic items magic items in DDO (some rarer or harder to get than others), but (to my knowledge) there are no true Artifacts in the game for players to find (ship buff "artifact bonus" excluded).

    And why would there be? After all, D&D Artifacts, by their nature, are extremely powerful and unique--they're literally one of a kind!

    Now I realize this idea may be controversial, since only a relatively small number of players would probably get to see the Artifacts, let alone possess them, and I'm sure many feel that Turbine developers and artists should spend their time on features that more people are likely to directly benefit from, however, it would certainly add some interesting flavor to the game (as well as personal goals), if some of these one-of-a-kind Artifacts were introduced to DDO. Like many items and spells, the specific Artifact powers would have to be adjusted to the DDO game with the goal of making them both powerful and unique.

    And, if some of the Artifact effects were fun to use and even...flashy...I bet many Artifact owners would be happy to group with a variety of people just to showoff and share the fun!

    Obviously, a single character owning one forever would be rather unfair, so instead I propose:
    Any given Artifact can only be owned for a limited time--perhaps two week or one month--after which it vanishes from the character's inventory (or bank) and is again available to be found.

    And likely bound-to-character would make the most sense, although bound-to-account would be more fun!

    This limited Artifact ownership time would serve two purposes:

    1. More players get to use and experience the Artifact.
    2. The problem of Artifacts being over-powered wouldn't be such a big deal if it's only a temporary bonus. Sure they can possibly enjoy having some incredible power for a little while but then things go back to normal.

    Of course, due to their power, the Artifacts (between owners), would only have a chance of turning up in epic quests (at least 20+). Personally I wouldn't limit them to raid chests. Although certain Artifacts could be associated with a particular quest, it would probably be more fun to have a chance of them turning up in any epic chest (or Epic Elite anyway), with the more powerful ones only in higher level quests.

    According to the wiki there were quite a few Artifacts in D&D from various settings (, including in the Forgotten Realms. Although none are listed for Eberron, who says Artifacts always stay in the world where they were first discovered?

    Due to the development time needed and the limited accessibility factor, I don't really expect to see this idea implemented, but since it was floating around in my mind and I do think it would be cool, I thought I'd share it here.
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