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    Quote Originally Posted by jalont View Post
    It's odd that you totally ignored all my points. In a game where the loot you grind isn't needed to complete content, it's simply a trophy. I'm sorry if that's too complex a thought.
    no you made it perfectly clear you did not want loot to drive the raids then you asked for trophies. I gave you exactly what you asked for

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    It seems a lot of people seem to mostly disagree with me. That's fine, honestly, considering no forum rules were broken and people tend to disagree with me a lot in real-life, probably because they don't understand me. After skimming through the posts, I guess I can add my two cents in here:

    • I have been lucky enough not to look up the DDO wiki for information about raids while I try them. Most of time its player direction that gets me through. If I read up on the wiki about it, its usually to try and better understand it. It tends to be clumsy to switch from DDO to a web browser.
    • If you learn a raid or try to craft something, you REALLY should not have to resort to a external source of information in order to do it, because that gimps the fun. I think Turbine is getting better at this after reworking shroud crafting and such a while back to use the barter interface so it is a more understood and smooth process to craft things. As for the raid bit, I think it should be more clear on what you have to do in the raid while minimizing the damage done to the challenge. If you want a example of a raid that's TERRIBLE at providing in-game instruction and has lousy mechanics, look at Ascension Chamber. There's a reason why it has a reputation for not being pug friendly, and thats sad to me.
    • This is hard to describe, but rarely, when I play the game, there's a special feeling I get playing other games - A feeling called fun. And it's usually not revolved around loot and such. I wish I could describe more about this feeling I get and when, but that kind of feeling is something that people should experience more in-game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knightgf View Post
    That's fine, honestly, considering no forum rules were broken and people tend to disagree with me a lot in real-life, probably because they don't understand me.
    The concept that everyone disagreeing with you simply does not understand you is ridiculous. Every time I've seen this statement used it has been because nearly everyone disagreed with the person using it. We are not disagreeing because we failed to understand what you were saying. We are disagreeing with you because we don't agree with your statements.
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    it doesn't matter if you think its right or wrong, the driving force in DDO is loot. if challenge and fun was what the players wanted than people would be running other raids besides Shroud, CITW and FOT. im all for raids that are so challenging that it takes months to get a 1st completion, but that carrot better be uber awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanngiostr View Post
    its funny you say that an end game without PVP is ludicrous DDO has been doing it since it Feb 8 2006.

    answer me this:
    if these very very tough difficult to beat perfect party takes months to beat are not based on loot rewards because you already have to have all the best gear to beat the raid. what is the point of the raid?

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