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I pretty much got turned off from raids because of the large amount of grinding you have to do to acquire the "necessary" gear and then to watch it get outdated with each change or release. I just had a hard time keeping up with the raiding scene and for a while there was the "elitist" mentality that dominated the raiding scene that really turned me off, where one mistake resulted in a failure and your character was pretty much shunned from the scene.

Seriously ddo has the most casual friendly raids of any mmo I've played and I'd guess of any mmo if you really wanted me to make a bet on it. Unless you are running old epic or epic elite, there is virtually no gear requirement, random gen questing gear would get you thru any raid in the game. No you couldn't use korthos gear in shroud but come on. The only gear that was in anyway required was tod boots for tod. As far as one mistake wiping a raid, umm yeah no, ddo is very mistake tolerant, other games have raids where if one person dies you lose that persons dps and likely can't beat the boss down fast enough to kill them before a timer of some sort starts up, the boss gets a massive buff and wipes the party. Most games also have extremely limited ability to raise a party member while in combat. DDO you can have 90% of the party die and raise them up and recover the raid. Sorry but everything you just said is in your head only because it sure isn't part of the game.

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As someone who actually thinks this and the black abbot are two of the better raids in the game in terms of bosses that are not Generic clones of other mobs. What precisely did you not like about this raid? And I'm not interested in "the run to get there is too long through the wilderness area" I mean the actual raid and the boss fight itself.


Fighting for real raid bosses instead of the bag of hp we call a raid boss now.

I liked lob for my part, the only part I didn't like was the kiting, if you have spawns in a raid fight they should need to be killed not lead in circles.