There have been some changes in the guild focus, so I wanted to share with everyone. We've been more of a casual guild with a focus on helping new players become accustom to the game (helping out, training runs, advice, etc.). While we are still going to participate in those areas, we would like to start developing a more focused effort on building a solid foundation for the guild. We're looking for experienced players who want to be part of a fun group of people focused on building a solid guild.

Current focus of some of our players:

  • Leveling
  • TR'ing
  • Epic Content

Main concepts of the guild (no particular order)
  • Have fun
  • Have a purpose
  • Have goals
  • Be active
  • Be nice to new players

Qualities we are looking for in new members
  • Focused
  • Friendly
  • Active
  • Competent
  • Knows their character role
  • Helpful

Current guild level: 33 (Stormglory Bolt Airship)
Active Accounts: 7+
Guild Leader Characters: MuleAxe, MuleRaptor, MuleCures, MuleAccord, MuleSticker, MuleFist, MuleParts, MulePunk
Successor Characters: Camzotz-1, Cerrio, Experimnetfl, Mnofflamiron, Mrflamethrow, Naussa, Rhadamis, Salamades, Sansathewolf, Senseityrion, Soulgazer
Main active play time: Eastern Standard Time

Membership Requirements
  • Age 18+ (mostly for maturity purposes)
  • No multi-guilding (must have all Thelanis characters in the guild)
  • Be active and contribute to the guild
  • Register for the guild website (
  • MUST be friendly and willing to help out newer players

How to apply
Complete a guild application here