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    Smile DDOGamer: A Monster in Real Life. Seriously, a Monster.

    Warning, this one is not about DDO.

    -> Because it is about a real life monster.

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    so you're sleeping better now right?

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    I always enjoy reading about people's reactions to Snappers.

    Growing up amongst em, and pulling more than a few out of the road over the years (before becoming speed bumps**) gave me an early respect for their abilities - and stench.

    Love the pic of the guy getting a snapper kiss. His own fault for putting his face that close. Not like the turtle JUMPED and bit him in the face. Lol!

    /Props, G.

    **Totally fearless critters, they'll turn to face/attack an oncoming vehicle. And 1-foot across, that was still a youngster.

    Help a turtle across the road - again and again and again... LOL!

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    lol that was a very amusing read, and reminds me of my younger days when i had a black throat monitor. when i first got him he was scaly, tiny, and cute... before i knew it he's 5 ft long, 48 lbs and took up more living space than me. evenually it seemed like i lived with a crocodile who didnt swim D; (albiet a much nicer one who only occasionally clawed my arms up and liked siting on the couch watching the simpsons... go figure).

    anyway was fun, i'd say you've had quite the interesting experience if nothing else with little ol' bob. :P
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    Default Frogs have gone silent

    I live in Thailand. Let's just say its like a jungle in my yard. After a typical heavy rain like tonight, the frogs are normally very loud.

    Tonight, its silent in my yard. Totally silent but I can hear frogs every where else (like in the neighbor's yard).

    Now about 2 months ago I found a reticulated python at the front door after a heavy rain. I put him in a box wanted to show my son. He got lost in the house a few days. After finding and catching him released him. He then hitched a 2 hour ride to the beach in the SUV grill without us knowing. The hotel informed me I had a snake in my SUV grill. Then, I figured had to keep him. Got a box from the hotel restaurant, kept him in the SUV in the hotel parking garage 2 days. But he got out, I could see him way up in the dash, but could not get him. Drove home 2 hours. Left my SUV windows open enough for him to get out. Next morning he was gone.

    But seems there are no frogs in my yard now. Hmmmmm...

    Quote Originally Posted by geoffhanna View Post
    Warning, this one is not about DDO.

    -> Because it is about a real life monster.
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    Lizards and snappers and snakes! Oh my!

    glad you enjoyed it

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    Part of the problem you were running into with Jurassic Bob is a survival tactic most reptiles have. Unlike a mammal, which will continue to grow but become skinny and sickly when food is scarce, reptiles will stop growing and just maintain current size with food scarcity. It's just their reaction to lack of proper nutrition, and should not be confused with "I can starve my pet to keep it small!", it's a desperate measures tactic.

    When you gave it abundant food, normal processes kicked back on, and Bob started along the path nature intended for him with growth. The good news is it means you're caring for him better than his previous situation!

    You might want to consult with a vet to find out what exactly you are getting into though, his actual species and expected final size. Some snappers can get pretty big.
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