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    Default TR Advice requested

    I have a 1st life level 28 ranger with all destinies capped. Is there a downside to TR'ing this character at this time? - Im thinking about the upcoming changes to ED xp. Or, should I be racing to TR this character as many times as poss before the changes come into effect? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    No downside now, wont lose ed xp, but we dont know what will come with u20, they are still working on it.

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    The downside of TR'ing a capped lvl28 character now, is that you won't gain an Epic Pastlife feat from being capped at 28. You would get that feat if you were to wait until U20 to Reincarnate.
    Epic destiny XP is unaffected.

    U20 is still a good while away though and (depending on your leveling speed) you should have no problem getting back to 28 before then.

    Not having that character capped for Mabar might also be a downside, but that depends on you and what you want from Mabar.
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