I used +2 loot gem on +2 loot weekend for a total +4 loot and this way farmed a lot of ML28 chests (did that every +2 loot weekend).
I've got lots of ML28 trash (which confirms that chest lvl was indeed 28).

Finally a tome dropped again from a high lvl chest (after about 4 months, which means I've looted more than 1500 chests, counting only lvl 27+ non-raid chests, most of them are EE chests), but this time it's +4 upgrade? Oh really? Where is my +5 tome upgrade (or +4 tome)?

Max lvl is 28, so it's the maximum atm in loot table, right?
I mean there is no point to have loot bonus in EH/EE Stormhorns chain, right?
I've got +4 tome upgrade from lvl 28 chest. Does it mean that +5 tome upgrades no longer drop (I mean non-raid chests, and excluding 20th's rewards, also excluding Mabar and DDO Store)?

I know that like 3 weeks ago a friend got +4 tome upgrade in stormhorns during +2 loot weekend.
I thought that only that area was bugged (since it's new).

It would be nice if release notes would mention such important game changes (the main reason why I've bought new pack is Stormhorns wilderness area, which is lvl27, so by the old info +5 tome upgrades should be there, but sadly, tome drops was stealth nerfed, I'm unhappy).

Btw, isn't it a time to update the old info below (since it's no longer true)?

Quote Originally Posted by Feather_of_Sun View Post
The chance of tomes dropping is actually getting a significant increase.
Currently on Live, every item generated in a chest has a 1 in 434 chance of being an ability score tome.
In Update 16, those odds are increased to 1 in 333.
The new Upgrade tomes will be a sizable percentage of all ability tome drops- for example, when a +4 tome would drop, it will instead have a 25% chance of being a +4 to +5 upgrade tome.

Same goes for +3 tomes (which will drop in treasure chests of level 23-26): 25% of them will be a +3 to +4 upgrade tome.
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... On Live, +4 tomes follow a previously established formula, and appear in level 31 treasure. When we were releasing Menace of the Underdark, I thought that we should make them more accessible than that, so I also implemented them as bonus treasure in Epic Elite quests.

With Update 16, I've revisited this, and received permission from my boss, Eladrin, to change the formula which determines what levels the tomes appear at in random treasure.

In Update 16, which is currently on Lamannia, +3 tomes appear in level 23-26 treasure, and +4 tomes appear in level 27+ treasure.