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    Default Swashbuckler / duelist S&B or single weapon feats

    We need a set of feats that work with something that isn't a bastard sword or dwarven axe to boost, however minimally, duelist / swashbuckler style.

    It can be a feat-chain like TWF, ITWF, GTWF or THF, ITHF, GTHF but should instead provide a doublestrike boost or a precision damage boost, something. Maybe it only works with finesseable weapons, heck maybe the first feat in the chain is finesse. Whatever.

    I want a reason to use a rapier + a buckler, other than comedic value.
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    I can get behind the idea of beefing up S&B style fighting. I wouldn't mind Stalwart Defender getting a little love in that department too; they're a bit too defensive. I'd really love to see a viable einhander (one single weapon, other hand open), but I think it's a bit farfetched; they'd have to give some huge buffs to make up for not using the off-hand.

    Perhaps a Duelist tree for fighter; they are in wanting of another tree, after all. The first tier or two could offer some benefits to all single handed weapons of a category, so anyone who enjoys S&B can throw a few points that way to get some gains. Tier 3+ focuses on weapons that don't have glancing blows, and adds additional damage or effects. For example, a passive enhancement that, if you use a non-glancing weapon, you get +1/+2/+3 hit, and an additional 1d4/2d4/3d4 bleed. That could lead into an attack action that deals +1/+1.5/+2 W, and the target has to make a fort save or be blinded for a short time; creatures immune to bleed are immune to the blind. Maybe one of the core enhancements boosts the effectiveness of a buckler - maybe if you have one equipped, you add your Int mod or something to Dodge or something like that.
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