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    Default Artifacts in the Crafting System

    The new items in the game, even the low level items, are more powerful than what was available for loot just a few years ago. This development has led players to discuss revamping the Cannith Crafting system to make it more competitive with what can be acquired from quests only.

    If more levels are added to crafting and/or crafting is introduced in the Forgotten Realms environment, the devs may consider allowing very high level crafters to create artifacts as they existed in the pencil and paper game. These would be unique, named items like the Wand of Orcus, Sword of Kas, or Hand of Vecna from the Greyhawk campaign setting. The items would be unbound so that other characters may take possession of them but with major level, class, race, and/or alignment restrictions, for example. Creating an artifact would be a massive undertaking involving many different levels of ingredients, destroying very high level items that are not unique in the crafting process, and even completing related quests to finish the artifact. I think this addition to the crafting system would be a good end game enhancement for the lvl 30 toons which will be available next year and provide a greater incentive to develop crafting levels.

    If anyone thinks this is a interesting idea and would like the devs to consider this, please reply to this thread and give your comments on the subject.

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    Nightmare to code.

    Forget it.

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    if they do this, the 'rare and powerful" ingredients are almost certain to include large numbers of astral shards. Assuming that is the case, no way.
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    The new op random loot just killed the game a little imo...
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