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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodnose13 View Post
    you say i cant restrict myself, in older times paladin was never allowed to splash and retain his powers, i dont like to splash that class, and i know im not alone with that, this is exactly the reason for this thread, this new enchancement system is made in such way that its working best for splashes and completely not giveing damn about pure classes.

    its one of those advices, like play human if you want heal amp, use bastard swords becouse there is nightmare, whats the point in in haveing any choice in this game if the only choice is either do what everyone else does or be left behind. new enchancement system is good for most classes, but its worst design when you look at paladin enchancements, if you look at bard enchancements for example, you are in NO WAY forced to take whole pre before moveing to other, in both pally and fighter defender pres to be still considered a tank you need to take nearly whole tree, MOST of those things were a part of a stance in old system, if you have to take all that stuff, then why its separated?, to allow all splashes and kotc to take whats good from it not careing about the rest, as it was mentioned before its way easier to get what you need from defender as kotc, than getting smites from kotc as defender......

    there is still a thing about those enchancements that they look and feel like they were done without any general idea what they should look like, tree is populated by force, capstone that is so defended by some, is completely done without any plan in it, its a thing that you gain at level 20 so it SHOULD be a thing that is WAY closer to destinies than a thing that requires you to be hit by multiple papercuts for it to save you. that thing should not be a capstone but something you get below level 20 as enchancement that you can safely ignore on your way up the pre tree.

    btw you say your pally got better, mine gained 7 ac compared to old enchancements, and lost much much more than that in all other areas, i tried to balance it out but it always ends in same way, not enough points to get back stuff that was before in same build, so where is that progress huh?
    I agree with you, that it seems like the design was, let's just put all of the offensive stuff in the Knight tree and all of the defensive stuff in the defender tree and let people figure out for themselves how to put a good build together for themselves. To be honest, this is perfectly okay for me because I've taken the time to figure out a good build, but I could easily see a lot of people thinking to themselves, look at all of the goodies! The developers put all of those in there, so that must mean the most optimal thing to do is to max out the defender tree. To follow-up on TGOstar's post, IMHO, it's a build trap to max out the defender tree.

    Yes, there are lots of goodies in the Defender tree (I'm spending around 40 points), but you also need some DPS. A good Paladin tank needs both offense and defense. Not only do you want to be able to tank when the situation warrants it, but you also want to be able to contribute as much DPS as possible. Likewise, there are traps built into the Knight tree, so you have to pick and choose carefully, to create a build that works well.

    In the meantime, I don't think the developers are going to change the basic premise / design of the trees. I've also posted detailed suggestions on how to design a tree that is optimal for a Knight, and a tree that is optimal for a Defender, but I think that got completely ignored. Instead, if we want to enact change we need to rally around asking the developers for specific fixes to the tree, along with pointing out why it needs to be changed. I'll start...

    Please fix the bug that makes you temporarily lose hit points from Greater Stance when you change a weapon!
    This is by far the #1 biggest issue with Paladin enhancements atm. I probably do more damage and spend more mana healing myself from this bug, than I take from monsters or traps in quests.
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    Default stance and hp

    please, just fix the HP lose when you change weapons while in stance, and please make stance work as a CON item, getting more hp and being "healed" (kinda pointless to toggle on stance in the middle of a fight if i have to heal myself to see the benefit...)

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