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    Default Paladin enchancements

    my favorite topic....

    ok so since person that was planning and creating paladin enchancements completely ignored last few years of asking for changes on forums, and even more lacked idea what to do.
    here is some ideas what to do:

    1: free tower shield proficiency with defender PRE, it was asked for, for years!!! paladin is feat starved, we get extra feats over level 25, but compared to how many feats fighter gets its just silly, not ot mention that fighter gets towershield as class feat at lvl 1... i think that giveing a defender a free proficiency would be the right way, since half of other classes gets proficiency in some weapons (example: kukri for assasin) so why this cant be done for pally.

    2: every melee class gets crit range and crit confirmation enchancements, paladin gets only as part of smite, what about 99% of other nonsmite attacks?

    3: both paladin prestiges should have own smite enchancemetns, for kotc its exalted smite, that is focused on damage, defender could get own smite called righteous smite, it would give extra damage, and stacks of vulnerable to target, same as the warpriest one (i dont see reason why not), also when righteousness is active, righteous smite would do 500% hate. each smite would be 2 ap, one tier only

    4. smite charges giveing enchancemetns should be merged and placed as 1 enchancement on each tree, 3 tiers, each tier gives +2 smite charges, and boost crit multiplier/range on corresponding smite (exalted or righteous depending on the pre its taken from), tier 2 would also give a 50% chance for smite charge to be returned on ANY crit attack (it could be 33% too.) tier 3 would add 150% chance on natural 20. meaning that on 20 you get 1 charge back, and have 50% chance to get second one.

    5. defender tier 5 harbored by light, please remove guard effect off it and replace it with heal amp, it would then be worth the 2 ap per tier.

    6. lower the ap cost on armor and shield % ac boost enchancements in tier 4 and 5, it seriously takes too much ap.

    7. merge the +6 str and con, and 20% hp into one tier 5 enchancement, and remove that THING about haveing shield on to have it active, not only its broken, and can potentialy kill paladin on rapid swapping of weapons, but also takes away a lot of hp on the possiblity of grabbing two handed weapon by tank to do bit more dps when tank is not needed. i would rather think that first 3 enchancemetns that give hate gen, saves and prr would be affected by this, since that makes much more sense, idk whats the logic behind takeing away str and con and hp for not wearing the shield, makeing it tier 5 enchancement will mean that paladin has to commit to this prestige to get it.

    8. this thing could work good for both fighter tank and paladin, idea is to make enchancemetns that UPGRADE defensive fighting toggle feat we get at level one, it could upgrade that feat with some extra effects, like parry or riposte, but what i would love to see in it is an ability to walk around at walk speed with shield block on, oposted to the jumping around or tumbling whne defensive fighting is active, also to make main hand attacks at enemy with +50%/+100% hate generation, at slower attack speed BUT retaining the shield block bonuses. would make that new shield block feat actualy a thing that everyone would want to have on tank.

    9. since you took away weapons of good capstone and gave it only for kotc paladins, then please add bless weapon spell, it could make held weapon good aligned.

    10. passive enchancements with special effects procced on shield bash, like trip, unbalance (it could lower the dc for trip on enemy for example to reasonable level so even paladin can trip stuff) overrun, maybe some enchancements with specific to paladin debuffs on enemies added to smites, diffrent for both kotc and defender.

    11. probably pointless to ask but divine might to be made back a bonus to damage instead of str, bonus to str is pointless, it not only does not stack with insight items but even if it did, for a heroic ability that is accessible at low levels, its pointless, noone will be able to get enough charisma to get reasonable bonus out of DM to matter. each 4 points of charisma count as 1 point to damage....... thats seriously too high expense for so low gain, original version of it rewards buffing up charisma, new one just shows how pointless it is to try, if you fear that this low level ability will be exploited on splashes add to it paladin level check, that gives full 100% charisma bonus to dmg only with full 20 paladin levels.

    thats all for now, im pretty sure i left out something, but cant remember what, anyway leave some comments about it.
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