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    Default Advice on my character

    Hi all I'm returning to the game after about 2 yrs and would like to get some opinions and advice on my character and where I should take it from here. I am pretty much a noob. I only played for about 6 months last time I played. Pretty much I just winged it as far as building my character. I did some research but mostly on a few specific questions I had so not much. Anyway I was hoping to get some advice and opinions on my character. It seems to me to be pretty good. I pretty much except for a hand full of times play solo and I can beat all the levels on normal difficulty up to 1 or 2 lvls above my character (sometimes it takes a few tries). I dont know if thats good or not but its fun. I'm not totally sure of the best way to do it but I thought I would just give all the details of my character and see what people thought. Maybe you could tell me how best to use the weapons and equipment I have or should get. Basically I'm asking if you were given my Character what would you do with it. Besides start over lol. I plan to keep it and continue with it. I am basically going for a Character that is well rounded and can solo well. With the help of Hireling Healers.

    Ranger Lvl 10: Human: Chaotic Good: Male
    Stats with what my Character is currently equipped. So some of these stats will obviously could be different.
    Str: 20 (mod+5)
    Dex:23 (mod+6)
    Con:13 (mod+1)
    Int: 11 (mod+0)
    Wis:17 (mod+3)
    Cha:9 (mod-1)

    Action Points: 36
    Hp: 130
    Spell Points: 197
    Ki: 0
    AC: 24 (+2)
    Fortitude: +8
    Reflex: +13
    Will: +7
    BAB: +10
    Spell Resistance: 0
    Fortification: 0

    Balance: 7
    Bluff: -1
    Concentration: 6
    Diplomacy: -1
    Haggle: 4
    Heal: 8
    Intimidate: -1
    Jump: 16
    Listen: 14
    Move Silently: 25
    Search 21
    Spot: 15
    Swim: 10
    Tumble: 10
    Use Magic Device: 1

    Bow Strength/Defensive Fighting/Die Hard/Evasion/Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Khopesh)/Favored Enemy (Dragon. Giant, Human)/Heroic Durability/Improved Critical: Slashing Weapons/Improved Heroic Durability/Improved two Weapon Fighting/Improved Wild Empathy/Light Armor Proficiency/Manyshot/Martial Weapon Proficiency/Oversized Two weapon Fighting/Point Blank Shot/Precise Shot (Archers focus)/Simple Weapon Proficiency/Sneak/Sunder/Trip/Two Weapon Fighting/Wilderness Lore/

    Enhancements: I dont have any. This is something new since I played last. Any advice on what to take?

    Here is my inventory. Some of these things I dont use and need to sell. I'll list just about everything maybe you can tell me what you think I should keep and what I should get. I mostly fight with a bow and switch to two Khopesh when enemies get close. I use a few bludgeon weapons and/or shields depending on the enemy.

    Money:111,701 PP

    Weapons + Armor+ other Equipment:
    +4 Heavy Mace
    +1 Flaming Burst Khopesh of Vertigo +4
    Nicked Longsword (I have 2 of these)
    Guardkiller Bow (Long Bow)
    Spiked Mace of the Elements (Morningstar)
    +2 Ghost Touch Kopesh of Righteousness
    +1 Screaming Khopesh of Everbright has "Blinding Flash" spell
    +4 Cold Iron Returning Throwing Axe
    +3 Warhammer
    +1 Ghost Touch Composite Long Bow
    +1 Flaming Club of Stunning +4
    +1 Holy Khopesh of Pure Good (Level is 12. I think I had bought it cause I got it for a good price)
    +1 Silver Returning Throwing Axe
    +1 Flaming Burst Longbow of Human Bane
    +1 Ghost Touch Shortbow of Pure Good
    +1 Banishing Longbow
    +4 thundering Khopesh of Pure Good (lvl 12 cant use yet)
    +3 Heavy Mithral Shield
    Bow of Elements (Air)
    +2 Shock Light Mace of Pure Good
    +5 Padded Armor
    Retributive Outfit of Improved Sonic Resistance
    Aberrant Robe
    Vulkoorim Fighting Leathers
    Torn Chitin Bracers
    Wise +2 Helm of Power
    Goggles of Minute Seeing +10
    Ring of Alertness
    Pathfinders Boots
    Dexterous +2 Gloves of Hypnotism
    Dexterous +4 Ring
    Ogre power +4 Belt
    Cloak of Shadows
    Fragment of the Silver Flame
    Wise +1 Necklace of Haggling +5
    Mummified Bat
    Ogre Power +2 Belt of Balance +3
    Furors Hide
    Voice of the Master
    Clever +3 Goggles
    Blindness Ward Goggles of Shocking Grasp
    Goggles of Insight
    Ring of Water Breathing
    Proof Against Disease +6 Necklace of Protection +1
    Armored +3 Bracers
    Axe Bane
    Striding (+10%) Boots of Swimming +3
    Cloak of Fire Resistance
    Cloak of Improved Cold Resistance

    Thats about everything. Since its been so long since I have played I dont remember which items I still used.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions and advice.

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    Considerable changes while you've been away.

    Things you have which are probably worth keeping:

    +1 Holy Khopesh of Pure Good (no more pure good weapons dropping)
    +1 Banishing Longbow (useful, a 'modern' banishing longbow would be better, but they are rareish)
    +4 thundering Khopesh of Pure Good (no more pure good, but thundering is not a great damage prefix, so you'd probably be better of with something else)
    +3 Heavy Mithral Shield (no more mithral shields. A large mithral shield may have some value, not sure)
    Bow of Elements (Air)
    Torn Chitin Bracers (can be sold, but it's monks who want these)
    Goggles of Minute Seeing +10
    Dexterous +4 Ring
    Ogre power +4 Belt
    Voice of the Master
    Clever +3 Goggles
    Ring of Water Breathing
    Axe Bane
    Striding (+10%) Boots of Swimming +3

    Here's what I recommend you do:
    Get the 'A Relic of a Sovereign Past' past quest from the temple of the sov host in house d. Enter on casual, collect all the adamantine ore. Don't finish the quest, just recall out, then reset the quest and renter. Do this around 3 times.

    This will let you get:

    Nightforge Gorget (heavy fortification, important)
    Nightforge Armbands (+20 HP, permanent heroism, useful)
    Nightforge Avenger Blade x2 (reasonably good weapons that you can use right away. Don't have to rely on buying or random drops to get them)
    and maybe:
    Nightforge Darkhelm
    Nightforge Mesh
    mostly as a stepping stone to better stuff. But if you get tired of farming adamantine ore, you can probably skip them.

    Next, consider farming 2 muckbanes, from the quest 'durks got a secret' I'm not sure about the drop rate on muckbanes, but getting two shouldn't be too hard. This will give you a weapon set to hit oozes and rust monsters with.

    Next, consider farming a silver longbow from the church and the cult. It's one of the better longbows in the game, because of it's expanded critical range.

    If you can find any friendly veterans, see if they'll give you the scarab powder to get a Kaelth's Touch you should be able to turn in the scarabs even if you don't have the necropolis adventure packs. This will give you a useful basic trinket, since good trinkets are hard to get.

    Last, consider farming a cloak of invisibility from the tempest's spine. It's one of the easiest to get items with the 'ghostly' enchantment, which both provides extra defense and gives you ghost touch.

    So now, your gear would look like:

    Hat: Nightforge Darkhelm
    Goggles: random blindness ward
    Neck: nightforge gorget
    Trinket: Kaelth's Touch
    bracers: Nightforge Armbands
    gloves: ???
    Cloak: Cloak of Invisibility
    Belt: Ogre power +4 Belt
    Boots: random 'speed' boots
    ring1: Dexterous +4 Ring
    ring2: random + constitution ring

    Nightforge Avenger Blade x2
    Muckbane x2
    Silver Longbow

    Next easy step up in gear is probably the Sora Kell set from the lordsmarch chain. If you have the attack on stormreach pack that comes after it, an upgraded sora kell set can last you at least until lvl 18.

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    Awesome thanks Jingwei! Thats exactly what I was looking for. After not playing for so long I wasnt sure where I had left off or what I should do. Now I have a good place to start. What about Enhancements any specific ones I shouldnt do without or should I just go with whatever seems good?

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    Here's a few things the auto advice dispensing part of the hind brain forgot to mention:

    The new 'deadly' random loot is pretty important. You'll probably want to look in the AH for the best deadly item you can afford and equip. The damage bonus from the sora kell set should stack, since it was changed to an 'artifact' bonus around the time of CitW.

    Directions for farming a cloak of invisibility:
    Enter the mountain as normal, then, instead of going left, at the first intersection, go right. Jump up a series of ledges. Fight the named drow hunter on the left. Open the chest on the left. Hope for cloak of invisibility. Recall, reset, try again.

    Since you have multi-shot, would recommend spending around 6 AP in arcane archer, take summoned arrows, acid arrows, t2 arcane archer. That should give you some basic archery ability to use when multishot is off cooldown.

    The first point of deepwoods sniper is useful, since it provides 1d6 sneak attack. You don't really have any way to generate the ability to sneak attack people by yourself, but if you are in a party, it'll probably mean +1d6 bonus damage on most things.

    In the tempest tree, improved reactions, improved dodge, and haste boost all appear potentially useful.

    For the rest of the tree, my impression is that the rest of your points are best spent on the active attacks (bleed them out, etc) whirling blades (the basic twf damage boosts) and the T5 'improved evasion' like ability.

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