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    Default 6 Monk/14 Wiz Vampire Ninja?

    I was toying around with this build...a dex-based Drow, wielding shortswords, with heavy investment in Ninja Spy, racials (assuming they're ever fixed), and a little PM to get Vampire. I cant seem to find a similar build post-EP already discussed.

    With Vampire, there's a negative level on crit...Ninja Spy can add another negative level with a finisher. Throw in the odd Enervation, maybe a Life Stealing weapon, and that could add up to a lot of negative levels. Vampires don't get life-on-hit anymore though, do they?

    On top of that, 25% incorp from Ninja, self healing via negative, and a lot of Dodge.

    I was thinking this might be a late-bloomer build, when negative levels start to be more useful than just raw damage. Something obvious I'm missing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by droid327 View Post
    With Vampire, there's a negative level on crit...
    It's on Vorpal, so the weapon you use doesn't matter. Probably better off Unarmed. I think it's a neat concept, tho, to stack Neg Levels. Wave of Despair looks like it has no save, Vampire looks like no save, a Lifestealing weapon is no all checks out!
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    The description says nothing about stealing life on hit but my wizard does get life from every hit when i am in vampire form.
    If real life had a block function i would probably go out more.

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    vampire drain only works unarmed not with a weapon so that puts an end to that idea, I tried it with normal weapon and the vamp drain does not proc ever only when I was unarmed.

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