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    Default Guild question

    For a second time, my quest partner and I had to leave what had been an enthusiastic guild due to good 'Guild Leaders' leaving for some reason or another.. We were very helpful in that last guild going from level 39 to level 54 at a nice pace, before our Leader had to quit due to work schedules, and his very active friends went rather passive. I finally found another guild, which we are happy with - near the same level as the one we were in. We put our higher level characters into this new Guild, and have made some Shadowfell chars there also, but we still have 4 chars (each) left back in that other Guild. These are lower level chars, levels six to 12, and we don't play with them much at all due to the fact we are so busy with our higher level chars. I am wondering if maybe the two of us should just start our own little guild with those chars?
    Thank you much for any comments or suggestions...

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    Only you know how active you are and will be in the future but for unforeseen events. The benefits of joining an established guild is obvious buffs, experienced questing companions (usually), comradery, internal reliance. The con is that the guild leader and/or other players may go inactive and therefor your in a ghost town of a guild and you also have to put up with the personality of the guild leader and/or officers if you don't really care for them or some of the things they do.

    With your own guild the biggest cons are low number of members at first and no ship buffs if that is important to you. I started my guild (Legends) at level 1 and am now approaching level 82 and have never used another ship's buffs, for me it is a sense of pride. I just don't understand players that create their own guild but always want the handout buffs from another guilds buffs, but to each their own. The benefit of your own guild is that its yours and you get to watch it grow over time and have a sense of accomplishment. Of course as you add players you have to deal with their personalities and the many cycles of inactivity you will go through. Legends is now 3 1/2 years old and I have had you to 93 members and I bet we have went through 4-5 complete new cycles of players with only about 2-3 players still around from the founding of the guild.

    All in all I weighed the pros and cons and thought it was better to have my own guild. Although currently I am going through a serious period of inactivity in my guild and I hope this turns around in the near future.
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    1. Move ALL your characters into the New Guild as..

    a) Inactivity is only once ALL of a Players characters have been offline for one month + {NOT Per Character!}.

    b) It shows you're intent on helping THAT Guild {having characters in multiple guilds shows the complete opposite!}.

    c) It's pretty easy to log on all your characters once per month {Heck I log on to 7 different servers every single day! - Daily Dice Rolls.} - so even if the guild leader insists on a cut off this shouldn't be an issue for you.}.

    d) Leaving those Inactive Characters in your old guild is actually a Penalty to said guild if you don't play them at all!
    dii) AND to your New Guild IF you actually do log on and play one of those "Inactive" Characters from time to time - As the Renown is being split between TWO Guilds dependent on which characters you're running!

    2. As for creating your own guild - Believe me the example above is NOT the Average Effect! - The vast majority of Guilds vanish - It's very hard to keep a Small Guild going - And frankly Lvl 82 is Still very high Indeed and would take a Long time to get to if you were to start from scratch right now!

    Soon after starting to play DDO back in Mid 2010 {within a week} I had created my own guild - We've Never had more than 35 approx} players in said guild and most of the time we've been under 30!
    We are currently Lvl 54 and Only Myself and One other Person are still in the guild from when it was created - Of the other members still in my Guild {On Cannith} 2 would be Alt accounts of mine, 1 is an alt account of another player and we are at 10 Accounts Total with NO Inactives and NO Recent Departures!

    If I didn't have so many characters and play on every server I'd have probably jacked it in long ago and joined a larger guild BUT I like the assurance that My characters cannot be booted etc. that having my OWN Guild gives to me.

    I know people with multiple characters who choose to have their own guilds for "Inactive Alts" BUT One thing I really get irritated with when recruiting is the number of people who've used MY Guild as an ALT PARK! - They Log on once a month {if I'm lucky!} keeping the Account level falsely high and it soon becomes obvious who they are {as they have just one {poss two} characters in guild and Never seem to actually PLAY those characters.
    I don't mind someone who can ONLY PLAY once a month but plays for 3-6 hrs on that one day BUT I do get annoyed when for months on end someone logs their character on {usually a few days after the month has gone by so becoming inactive regularly} then off again within a couple of minutes at most!

    This is basically what you're considering doing to your old guild - Did they treat you that badly that you feel they deserve to have this done to them?

    Then there's your NEW Guild - Every time you log on to PLAY a character that's NOT in that Guild you're basically costing them Renown - Concentrate your efforts on ONE Guild per Server you play on!

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    Default some notes to a new guild

    We started on Wayfinder when Wayfinder was open for about 2 weeks. We never had been a big guild, most of the time being about 6-12 active players. Since we got to lv. 65 we started actively to recruit and meanwhile we have plenty of active members and are one of the larger guilds on Wayfinder. The guild is lv. 68. From the founders there are still 3 active, which is very peculiar for any guild.

    Here some notes from the trenches:

    1.) Do not get too big too soon. Lv. 1-50 are easy to do using small guild bonuses. You do not have anything too good to offer to new members and for most members it simply takes too long to level with you. So you either have a hardcore core of friends and players or else you will not succeed to get to higher levels, except by very hard and tedious work. Most players coming to a low level guild see the ship of a higher level guild and want the same. Chance is now that the higher leveled guild is recruiting. and off they go.

    2.) As soon as you have something to offer (mid-lv. guild ship, most of the +30 / +2 buffs) you may want to recruit a core of 100-200 players. Offer a guild homepage, a TS channel and maybe some extra (a cool guild name helps a great length) and you will get the players needed to start fastleveling in the higher levels. Even with a 6 dedicated palyers, w/o a build-your-guild event you do not grab enough guild renown to fastlevel forward.

    The problem is, with the big high level guilds actively recruiting, starting up anew got very hard indeed.

    I wish you best luck, @ OP. It is a hard road of many a month to grow to a superior guild.

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    Default Guild question

    Thank you all for the very good advice. I am writing my quest partner to have us pull our 'inactive' characters from that old guild, and bring them into the new one that we are enjoying so much! I had no idea we were actually 'harming' both of them by having the chars split up - and we always check in with our 'lowbies' on a weekly basis..

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