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    Default druid capstone: trasmution? conjuration?

    hmm really confused.. since druid caster cap stone give 2 dc to transmutation and conjuration..

    yeah.. druid get plenty of these spell.. but transmutation are mostly buffs.. and conjuration are healing spell..

    hmm so what are those dc really for??

    below is the only viable spell
    ice flower- hmm not bad.. though.. only one...
    Storm of Vengeance- not so good for level 9 spell... plus only half of the spell damage use dc...
    Creeping Doom- hmm this spell have nothing to with season..
    fire seed- anyone ever use this?
    sleet storm- hmmmmm not sure about this one..

    so after all only five spell.. does this sound right.. or turbine are trying to encourage us to not go pure? please educate me..

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    I toyed a bit with fire seeds on one of my druids when i had nothing else to slot there. I used the missile version not the trap type one. Firing the missiles worked great when i had a clear line of sight, a straight line to the target and it was moving straight towards me or stationary. Against caster types it was hitting for decent damage, more than a produce flame, and multiple times, though on archers they just evaded. Toss in max and empower and it was taking things down quick, though at a high spell point cost. I liked it on that character, though i usually went with max empowered SLAs for most of my damage.

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    The benefit is 2 wis, the dc's in the capstone are worthless, so no difference between pure and 2 monk other than being able to use orbs etc as pure.

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    I use 2 Transmutation spells with DC's. They are the mass frog epic destiny feat (yes it is boosted by transmutation feats and items -tested), and snare for orange named caster mobs. I have not played around with ice flowers much but its a poor DPS spell and would mostly be used for the debuff that water elemental could use.

    As you pointed out conjuration has very little spells to use with this. The lighting damage from SoV is poor to start with so mobs saving for half doesn't make much of a difference. The one time I have found fire seeds to be effective is when I'm in sharadi and spamming the spell onto a group of mobs in a earthquake pile. I have not messed around with creeping doom in some time, the poor DC's and difficulty in boosting its damage really hamper this potential impressive spell.

    with a +5 transmutation stick and mid 50's wisdom I am successfully using mass frog on earthquaked piles upto EE wheloon. And snare can be very effective vs specific mobs.

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    Don't forget Quench, Snare, Spike Growth, Spinterbolt, and the Epic Destiny feat Mass Frog.

    Between the +2 Wisdom, and Mass Frog, it'd be worth it to me, were I ever to do another Druid life.

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