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    Gelatinous Polo: much like water polo, but played within the bulk of a gelatinous cube.

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    I just want to say wahhhhhhhhh for the coming Chronicle.
    Have fun guys lol.
    Dungeons and Dragons!!!

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    Cool Eberron Sports

    Fencing, duh.

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    Arcane skydiving.
    Just use teleport often and willy nilly without a featherfall item. It's the thrill of the statistics you see. You mutter the spell and most of the time nothing in particular happens happens, but then, some literary deity starts to muse about pear-shaped things in your ear, grins and tips you off a cloud.

    You hurtle down and realize to your dismay how much pockets a wizard's robe can have, and none of them seem to possess your feathery ring or that dried, mouldy bat. The ground invites you closer with a cobblestone smile, you can hear that stupid dwarf bartering at the scroll vendor again while you are certain he's illiterate. Frantically you pat your pockets and find that ring! Now ramming that thing on your finger has become complex spatial science. The wind picks up its merry whistle in your ear while you try to get that frustratingly chubby finger through that dainty hoop. You swear you will stop stealing the bacon off the airship to whoever god might listen.


    You lurch 10 feet back into the air again before gently floating down (a phenomena you and your arcane friends have often discussed but no consensus as to why that happens has been established), your innards settle in their proper positions while you land on your feet. Sweat has frozen on your nose and whatever than bacon has done to your arteries, it's gone now.

    The sun shines brightly, life is sweet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSlugger View Post
    Fishing is a popular sport. In last month's contest the winner caught a sahuagin.
    Congratulations, you're this week's winning quote! Check your PMs for some Turbine Points!

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