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    Default Turbine - a simple proposal to revive the raid scene and to help with old epic loot

    The proposal is simple and won't require a lot of dev time. Add heroic comms to all epic raids and make the greater token a guaranteed drop.

    There are currently 3 things that require comms - unlocking pdk things like set bonuses and raid loot, FoT raid loot and dragon armor along with augments.

    Problem: There are only two raids that drop comms, they are not run regularly and only one raid that drops them automatically. Citw is a chance with only guaranteed on Epic Elite.

    Citw becomes an automatic drop for comms. It's a long raid and there's very little reason to run in after you pull your item. Unlike previous epic raids that had not only items going for them but greater tokens and shards.
    FoT stays the same - it's the perfect short raid
    All other Epic raids become automatic drops for greater tokens. It's currently needed for one augment recipe and turn in for other augments, but it's close to impossible to find a raid going and since it's not an automatic drop it's always a hit or miss. They also get a chance for comms - drop chance similar to how citw is now.

    Expanding options:
    By adding more possible comm drops it adds more sources of comms. This is especially good since there are some classes that benefit from more then one citw items and it's true when it comes to FoT. By increasing the sources and make greater tokens an automatic drop, it also provides an incentive for people to pursue things like the heroic augment and provide a reliable option to create the greater token specific augments over buying them from the store.
    More importantly, this will be useful if Turbine release more ways of using comms and I also suggest an additional use for it; comms in lieu of shards, seals and scrolls. The problem I see is that there are still some useful Epic items. Not only because of the ETR coming (starting from level 20) but also because there are some unique items and features you do not find in any of the higher end ML items.
    I suggest 2 comms for replacing seals and scrolls and 3 for shards. It can either be done as inclusion in the recipe - that by adding 3 comms together with the seal and the scroll you unlock the epic power, or simply put it in and pick the type of scroll, seal or shard you want.
    There's also possible that you might want to use existing shards and seals to convert to desired shard or seal, like it can be done with Sand scrolls right now. But by expanding the use of comm, both by dropping in older epic raids and to be used like this - you provide an incentive for these raids to run more frequent other then for sake of curiously. Plus it helps people who fruitlessly runs hundreds of raids just for the one thing.

    Risk: That it makes 'getting old epic items' easy. Personally I don't think that should be of any concern - as I see it you can find far more potent items (for most part) today in a EN, EH and EE version on the market. This system still involves a proper amount of grind - first to get the item then to get the comm. That will most likely take longer then trying to grind out the current EN, EH, EE things in quests, simply for the fact that you can buy them with shards.
    Plus this won't lead to a specific glut on the market. Comms are BTC, as well as all epic items. No one can trade for these items and you still have to run the specific raid or quest for the item and raid for the comms. This provides enough time sink without the frustration of an entirely random system.

    In short - conclusion:
    A simple change like this provides a incentive for people to run more raids, if only for the comms. It provides enough time sink and is less arbitrary in regards to how often specific things drop. It also helps with current high end raids including possible future sharing the same mechanic. And with the coming ETR it helps people gear up with what they already own but can't unlock or might possibly want to grind at the same time as they level in ETR.
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