Hey guys, just need some advises to help me to choose the expansion packs I need to purchase.
Here comes my needs and my current status.

1. I've been a VIP for a long time and will continue to being a VIP in the future.
2. I haven't purchased any expansion packs.
3. I already got Epic Destiny(Using TP) & 1 Greater Tome of Learning(Using TP) for my Wiz.
4. Now I got nearly 2000 TP in my account.

1. Spend as less as TP/$ to achieve what I need...lol
2. I want to go to the King's Forest as well as the Evening Star's quest with my friends.
3. I want to try the new Iconic Bladeforged Pal.

So... which kind of packs should I choose at a minium cost? Is there any promo on those packs current days?
Thank you very much!