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    Default Archons and shiradi

    This is probably discussed elsewhere but I can't find it. Does anyone know if archon bolts proc shiradi?

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    yes it does. thats the epic destiny I used for both of my fvs.
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    I can say it worked for me before the enhancement changes (and then I dumped favored soul enhancements after and never tested).

    Just a little tip (well, this might be outdated, beware), I had to resummon archon if I was able to get a different set of procs.

    Simply put, if you get goodies on your tea with the queen, you have to resummon your archon before it takes effect. On the plus side, it affected the whole 5 minutes even if the tea effect ended, so you could have 100% random shiradi procs for 5 minutes...50% procs for nearly 10 minutes...

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