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    1. The Vale a variety of mobs and terrian and its just fun and you can get a lot of xp on your first run through it.

    2. tangleroot its just fun

    3. Amarath another fun one

    4. The desert big area lots of different things to see and kill

    5. Kings forest fun and you might get to kill a dragon

    6. High road another fun

    I just like the slayer areas in general if I just have a few minutes to goof off I can jump in the one suited to my level and have a little fun.


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    I have always really enjoyed running around the Desert, so I would have to say it is probably my favorite wilderness area. I like running from the undead area with the nicely crafted pyramids all the way to other side of the map with the deep caverns in the Scorrow area. It isn't uncommon to see one of my characters out there gathering slayers and explorer points.

    I'm not sure what I ranks as my second favorite area. I really like Three Barrel Cove. I remember how it was just a small town and then how it got redone to what it is now, a beautiful landscape indeed. However, I also favor the Vale of Twilight and the Ruins of Gianthold. I also like Ataraxia's, I'm just indecisive :P.

    I'm hoping that in the future the Ruins of Threnal area will be turned into an explorer area as well as the adventure area prior to the Faithful Departed quest (The Shrouded Vale area). I'm also wondering if the Steam Tunnels will ever become an explorer area (since they turned Waterworks into an explorer area so long ago).

    I haven't really had a chance to explore the Stormhorns or Wheloon as of yet, and I have ventured very little in the House C areas, so my opinions on those are non existent at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzermeyer View Post
    Whether in Underdark or not, this would be an awesome idea for a quest in general.

    Being able to choose which faction you are going to support in the quest, and the results of the quest will change, end fight would be different. Loot would be different.

    That would be awesome.
    "Belly of the Beast" and "Sins of Attrition" do this in a very limited way -- optionals in the first one, and boss in the second one. But those are really minor variations. I agree that a quest where you truly choose sides would be great.
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