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    Smile Looking for Otto's Box

    I'm mostly looking for Otto's Irresistible Box and Royal Guard Mask, but might be tempted by hearts, exceptional bows, handwraps, or other items.
    Please pm or post here if interested.

    For trade:

    EE Nether Orb with Enchantment+5

    EE Adamantine Knuckles
    EE Charoush' Inferno
    EE Death's Locket
    EE Helm of the Black Dragon (Con+8)
    EE Ring of Stormreaver Prophecy
    EE Copper Ingot Arcanum

    EH Adamantin Knuckles
    EH Allegiance (Khopesh)
    EH Belt of the Seven Ideals
    EH Bulwark of the Storm's Fist
    EH Gloves of Forgotten Craft
    EH Helm of the Black Dragon (str +8)
    EH Helm of the Blue Dragon (cha +3)
    EH Helm of the Blue Dragon (wis +8)

    EH Jorgundal's Collar
    EH Manacles of Ceaseless Toil
    EH Mantle of the Dragonfriend
    EH Ring of Stormreaver Prophecy
    EH Shamanic Fetish
    EH Silver Ingot Arcanum, Copper Ingot Arcanum
    EH Skyvault Shield
    EH Turmoil Within
    EH Forgotten Light

    EN Ring of the Djinn
    EN Spiked Boots
    HE Mountain's Fist (DwAxe)
    HE Royal Scimitar
    HE Shamanic Fetish
    HE Madstone Skull

    Tome: Con+4, Str+4 (probably not for trade)
    Seals of Dun'Robar: Con+2/Mastery+5, Str+7/Stun+10, Str+7/Tendon Slice 10%, Str+2/Tendon Slice 10%
    Planar Conflux of Prowess: Con+8 (x2), Str+8, Dex+8, Dex+3 (x2)
    Planar Conflux of Subterfuge: Dex+3, Dex+8, Wis+8, Dex+8
    Planar Conflux of Erudition: Int+8, Wis+3
    Embrace of the Spiderqueen: Str+8, Str+3
    Terrorweb Chitin Breastplate: Str+3, Str+8, Wis+3, Wis+8
    Drow: Longsword (Stun+10), Durgar (Shatter+10), Duergar (Stun+10), Khopesh (Mastery+5)
    Flawless Scales: Black, Blue, Red, White
    Dragon Scales: Black, Blue, White
    Shroud ingredients: Yes
    Epic Scrolls: Likely
    Plat: Yes
    Ioun Stones: Pale Lavender, Vibrant Purple
    Misc: Greensteel Goggles, Drow Piwafwi, Slaver's Hand Crossbow, Spidersilk Robe (Int+8, Cha+8), silver/adamantine/cold iron handwraps, Ancient Gemstone, Mad Lute
    Alchemical: Handwraps, Longbow, Greatsword, Tower shield, a few others
    Siberys Dragonshards: Flawless and others
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