Hey guys I am looking for a FvS build because there is only 1 "healer" type character in the guild that I play in, so I thought it would be good to have another one just in case type of thing. I have never played one so this is very new to me so please be gentle, now with that said here is the sort of thing I am looking for:

  • Probably going 18/2 FvS/Pally for the boost to saves since those are king now though would not be adverse to a pure build either but I think the splash is the way to go.
  • 32pt build starting at lvl 7.
  • Mostly a healer and buffer though not much on offensive casting since this will be a first lifer so I doubt the DC's will be high enough.
  • DPS wise not sure if S&B is the way to go or TWF, certainly going heavy armor for the PRR and as much protection as possible unless you can think of something better.
  • I want LOTS of UMD!
  • Not many tomes available but I do have a good amount of Platinum if the need arises to buy them from the AH (though at current prices I would rather not).

That's about it really could really use a good leveling order and feat selection if possible.

Thanks in advance!