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    Default New(ish) Player Looking for Guild

    I am... old-school PnP gamer.
    ...mature (40-something) and married with children.
    ...a casual, yet active DDO player.
    ...patient, easy-going, and drama-free.
    ...willing to helps others.
    ...located on the east cost of the United States.
    ...a VIP member and have purchased the expansions, so I can access all content.

    My character...
    ...has gone through one life as melee DPS, and is nearing completion of his second life as a caster.
    ...will continue to go through lives as different classes, to get a feel for all roles and improve my (already mad) playing skillz.
    ...will be glad to select guild renown rewards when possible.
    ...will be glad to contribute platinum and consumables to the guild.

    If your guild is looking for members and you think I might be a good fit, please let me know.

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    Check out my posting for Wardens of Honor at to see if it sounds like a fit for you.
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    The Order of Silver Dragons is also recruiting....we are primarily mature long time players, always happy to help out and have fun.

    Check our website out and or try to hook up with one of us in game.....
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